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Club Q shooting suspect is nonbinary, defense attorneys say

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  1. My only problem with New Uldaman is that I find the people voicing the three lost dwarves about 1/100000th as entertaining as they apparently find themselves. Lot of “I’m going to chew the scenery as loudly as possible for this line reading” going on with this dungeon.

  2. I haven't logged in for over a month so haven't run Uldaman yet, but are they different from the OG Lost Vikings?

  3. I can’t tell, the VAs in the original dungeon didn’t talk so damn much so I barely noticed them. Couldn’t tell you if these are the same three or not.

  4. These “collaborations” keep getting more and more underwhelming. Next maybe they’ll just use a generic stick figure character and tell the player to imagine it’s Frog from Chrono Trigger.

  5. They found top secret classified government documents in his home. INAL, but I don't know what more they could need. I can see how they might need to build a case for J6, but the Mara Lago case is open and shut. I've heard enough from legal experts saying as much. Garland is to worried about looking partisan.

  6. That is the Alduin of bees, you'd better watch your ass. He's flying that bucket around like it's nothing!

  7. If I were cynical I could believe that it's an attempt to argue against the criminal charges of hate crime.

  8. People, if your partner who has never before expressed any kind of interest in an open relationship suddenly comes to you and says "I've been thinking and we need an open relationship" that means they already have someone in mind, they're either sleeping with them already or plan to start soon, and they want permission. Don't go along with an "open relationship" if you don't want to do it (in general but especially under those circumstances); just break up and save yourself some heartache.

  9. If the Democrats in this clown's district had an ounce of sense they'd play that "I'm scared of a 9 year old black girl and had to call the cops" card on this guy every time he showed his face in public.

  10. You would think they would at least let you transmog the visage and dragon forms separately if they're going to have the dragon form follow all these weird arbitrary rules about what displays and what doesn't.

  11. As it turns out there are a metric shitload of pathetic, directionless manchildren desperate for a father figure/messiah. That's why all these inept hacks like Musk, Jordan Peterson, Trump, Joe Rogan, Andrew Tate, etc etc etc end up being cult of personality leaders. Their fans practically worship them because they're not smart enough to recognize the mediocrity.

  12. I didn't look at the date and thought this was going to be the one where he gave her the shitty Wish ring because he was cheating and wanted her to throw a fit so he could dump her for being greedy. This was good, too. There's being spoiled and needy, then there's having reasonable expectations. I will say that reddit has taught me never to buy property with anyone else.

  13. Makes you wonder why he's doing it. Is someone paying him to destabilize the west? I wonder what kind of person would do that? Hmmm...

  14. That’s uh. A lot for someone who isn’t bisexual at least. Part of me wonders if it was real and he wasn’t ready for his friends and family to know and he said it was just a joke afterwards to save face. Either way, the whole thing + keeping the necklace is uncool.

  15. Would like to know brother's original comment. But it sounds like OOP was doing just fine without them. No need to introduce racism to their life.

  16. Lol extended lunatic rant. What they're saying is completely straightforward and not that long. And yeah it's salty but that's understandable with how mad people are at them.

  17. Are you OOP's backup account or something? I can't fathom any other possible reason you could look at him, then look at everyone else, and think everyone else is the ridiculous party here. Your read on this situation is bizarre.

  18. No I'm someone on a subreddit dedicated to commenting on drama in other threads just like you. I just happen to agree with the subject. The only thing OP did wrong was wait so long before clarifying.

  19. Had a customer pissed off about crabgrass tell me that her husband was a lawyer.

  20. My wife actually is a lawyer, but she did corporate antitrust litigation. So any time a friend or family member used "I know a lawyer" as a threat with her within earshot she'd always say "look unless your landlord/neighbor/teacher/boss is Monsanto and they've illegally cornered the market on pissing you off I am only slightly more useful to you than any random stranger you grabbed off the street."

  21. Everybody run to the lower left end of the solar system and hide out for a while.

  22. Nothing secret about it, Xena fucking ruled and I told everybody at the time.

  23. How do you get "used to date" from "she made a move on him in the past"?

  24. I'm translating it from Crappy Boyfriend to English. "She made a move on me in the past" is pretty clearly "we've hooked up before, or I made a move on her and got shot down, and that's why I'm obsessed with her now."

  25. Lesson learned would be to dump the guy. You're 24. You don't need a BF who not only stares at other women, but cares so little for you that he would make it publicly known he's thirsty and ignores your concerns.

  26. And in some cases they may have a point. If someone did a challenging achievement to earn a mount or a transmog or whatever I think they would have a valid complaint if their reward was just free all of the sudden.

  27. When I saw the news about twitch drops, I had no idea the feldrake was a tcg mount, and I remember wondering who would go an inch out of their way to be Blizzard's viewbot for such a shitty looking mount.

  28. I just found and started reading this series tonight and I love it, hoping more entries are coming!

  29. Knowing WoTV I wouldn't have been shocked if they made him something weird like wind.

  30. Hell, UMass might even have a shot. How priceless would that be?

  31. I think my upside is not having to pay too much attention to our remaining games. My wife turned to me in the middle of that one (back when it looked like we were going to win it) and said "just out of curiosity, have you actually enjoyed a single Bama game all season" and my immediate reaction was "HELL no, it's like watching an unexpectedly competent toddler juggle knives."

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