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  1. Just got turned on to HH recently... so good. Production is killer. Reminds me of Daughters, straight fucking gnar.

  2. It made my top ten for 2022. Such a good album.

  3. I wanna see Tom Hardy do DeNiro’s role

  4. I saw it four times in IMAX the day it was released. Haven’t stopped thinking about it since.

  5. I saw it four times in IMAX the day it was released. Haven’t stopped thinking about it since.

  6. I’d the band name Swan Slaughter or Swans Laughter?

  7. Greyhaven had my number one, but ithaca, counterparts, fit for an autopsy, and norma jean also had solid releases last year

  8. Could you please do a list? I mean, as in letters written down so that people who don't use Spotify might check out your pick aswell...

  9. This would be a great Axe Body Spray commercial

  10. Own this on vinyl, one of my favorite records!!

  11. Can’t get past the vocal delivery personally.

  12. He also had Alien Covenant during that period, which was also trash.

  13. Devon Sawa was in Hunter Hunter, very good psychological horror movie from 2020.

  14. Johnathan Majors has been putting in some major work lately.

  15. Yeah, he’s got a body building biopic coming out soon called Magazine Dream. Between that and this, he def upped his training game.

  16. Magazine Dreams isn't really a biopic as the protagonist isn't a real person. It's very much a character study, though.

  17. I can’t get over how bad Obsidian turned out to be.

  18. These ridiculous bands names lmfaooo

  19. Personally, it’s my favorite Gojira album.

  20. Now shove a gerbil in your ass through a tube

  21. One of my all time favs. I’ve probably seen it 15-20 times by now.

  22. Can me and the sculpture have some privacy please

  23. High Command - Eclipse of the Dual Moons

  24. Bring back the original Harry Potter cast for a legacyquel and we might get there.

  25. Heat is my #3 film of all time. Absolutely adore this movie.

  26. For those that don't know, Heat is effectively a remake of the late '80s TV movie LA Takedown. If you've ever thought to yourself, "I could be an actor," watch some YouTube clips of LA Takedown, especially the diner scene. The difference between the two TV movie dudes and DeNiro/Pacino makes you feel bad for the two TV movie dudes.

  27. Also worth noting, LA Takedown was also directed by Michael Mann… dude literally remade his own movie.

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