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  1. Every one of those points was spot on, and yet you’re getting downvoted? Jesus fuck can y’all pull your heads out of your asses and just admit the show is fucking ass? An absolute affront to Tolkien and I’m genuinely ashamed and embarrassed that so called “tolkein” fans actually find this shit show even slightly interesting or even REMOTELY close to what tolkein created

  2. Love the Gameboy Color! I have actually been playing mine again after all these years! Makes for a good time waster when I don't feel like being on my phone.

  3. MniTain38 put it out there, but in short, yes. This sub, while meant to be a safe place for any girl/woman, including trans, or even non-binary people, it is focused on games and gaming. We respect political and social perspectives on all subjects but we'd prefer people take their gaming-adjacent, political and social discourse elsewhere (

  4. Breath of the Wild is my current game. I can't believe how packed this game is! This is definitely not a game for completionists.

  5. The best advice I can offer is don't hold back. Whatever personal flair you want to incorporate: do it. You're making a safe space to indulge in your gaming so make it all about YOU. Unless you are just throwing something together to just snap some pics and get some upvotes, that is another matter I guess. Make it functional. Make it efficient. But make it all about you.

  6. I don't doubt this. In the St. Louis area many drivers are just cruel and reckless (but not wreck-less). Whatever antonym you can think of for "friendly" that is how people drive. In St. Louis County drivers are mostly dumb and lost. Granted, the road layout is poorly designed, but the number of people that veer on to exit ramps at the last second is inexcusable. Missed your exit? Get off at the next and turn around. Don't risk lives.

  7. Did the rumors about playing as Zelda in this one actually have any merit to them? I kinda wish they did

  8. Answer is because he's over 60 years old. Performing and shit gets tiring.

  9. I will... UM... type really weird code into the automoderator field! Boom!

  10. VampireBatGirl, eh? Easy peasy garlic squeeze. Add some holy water, crosses, stakes, and depending on whether you are a Bat Girl super hero or a batgirl who aids during baseball/softball games, I'll throw in some uhhh... well I guess dynamite would take care of both.

  11. I beat Prey (2017)!!! What a great game that kind of flew under the radar. I don't often hear much about it, but it it reminds me a lot like Dishonored and The Elder Scrolls in so far as your experience can be vastly different than someone else's. My accomplishment for the week is checking this game off my list!

  12. It does take some of the fantasy fun out of it for me. I just put limits on the races they can play.

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