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  1. Whenever someone cusses to much it reminds me of dexters sister lol

  2. I saw a vid where they counted every F bomb Deb made on that show and it was 996. And her swearing was over the top and sometimes didn’t even fit the sentences. Look you fuck bucket, give me your fucking gun or I’ll fucking shot your fucking scrawny fuck nugget ass. That was her dialogue.

  3. The NFL loves this man and had him host NFL honors twice and My God he’s bad.

  4. He wasn’t raped iirc, it was just a hazing thing and we were supposed to take it as that.

  5. If of his rambles are actually well articulated and can make sense depending on who’s listening. And he does have enough skill to make money the way he does.

  6. The only time I want Michigan to win and they are trying their best to lose ffs

  7. Regardless of result, TCU is still in the playoffs. A close game in OT wouldn't knock them out.

  8. Regardless of result, TCU is still in the playoffs. A close game in OT shouldn't knock them out.

  9. Wouldn't going to OT make TCU a lock for the playoffs? If they were to lose, in the best way, this would be it.

  10. I’ll say it this way. Sam has no right to get mad at Miguel for kissing another girl (she didn’t) but she has no controls over how she feels and she’s entitled to that.

  11. Sam’s fight against Devon was the best she’s ever looked on the show.

  12. i don't think a fight like robby and Miguel because there fight was not to see who is the better fighter it was to get revenge for the school fight and robby thought Miguel took his own dad from him so I think they are ganna have a fight but not to the same level but given sam was doing karate loner and is the better fighter I think sam will win

  13. Miguel/Robby fight was a way to get it out of their system. That won’t work for Tory and Sam because their issues are way more personal. They’re basically Johnny and Daniel. They may try to get better, they may get a long but their jealousy and rivalry will still be there.

  14. Dick Vermiel, Jimmy Johnson, Pete Carroll, Jim Harbaugh, John McKay did take the Bucs to the NFC Championship in their 4th year of existence, Barry Switzerland for all his criticisms did win a Super Bowl

  15. USC's OL gave up. Williams's shouldn't have been playing at this point.

  16. USC against Georgia would have been a slaughter had they somehow won today

  17. Everytime a player gets traded or signs a big contract, I always see comments here like "I would have liked him but not for that", well eventually, you gonna have to go there. The market is set and you have to overpay or you'll get no one.

  18. Degrom signing proves one thing, if you want a guy, you have to eventually start overpaying. If you keep waiting for the right price, you'll never get anyone.

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