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  1. Wait until the WC comes? That's when the new signings will be ready to start playing regularly. All 3 of the big 6 games were away from home and we are much much better at home. Won 11 of our last 12 at home scoring 35 and conceding 8. Wait until we play those teams at home. We've also been beating the teams we should be beating, home and away. There's no drop off coming.

  2. I feel terrible for the guy. He's 26 so this was really his chance to play in a world cup.

  3. He'll be 30-31 at the next world cup. Plus he's easily the best creative midfielder we got so I'm sure he'll make the next one

  4. This is silly. Saints oldest player is 29, there's no reason for the team to get worse over 5 years. Last year's first year players look very good and one day Max King will learn to kick straight. There's no way we go that far backwards

  5. Don't think a solo Green Arrow game would be that popular.

  6. It would these days. So many people watched and enjoyed Arrow, and Arkham fans would play it too. If it was well made it would be successful

  7. It's not hundreds of miles. If you look at the map it's about the same distance as Isengard to Helm's Deep. Would be a few hours' walk.

  8. I think it's pretty similar to Gollum's Song from the Two Towers credits

  9. I don't get why people cling to this whole "I don't go east" bit, he didn't say "i've never been to the east" or "i've never seen the east" he just says he doesn't go east NOW, but it doesn't mean he has never gone wondering in the east...

  10. I expect he is going east to meet the blue wizards, who will already be there

  11. Yeah, Tolkien was all about the fight between good and evil, he would have really hated this blurred lines stuff.

  12. Not really your place to speak for how Tolkien would have felt about something

  13. LOTR and Hobbit movies did similar. Not on such a scale but it is just how they've chosen to present it.

  14. If the question is who is the better fullback (which it is) I think it's obviously James. Cancelo is probably a better player but defs not a better fullback

  15. So if I understand this correctly, we should be multiplying his goals + assists / minutes by 1.76 to add the 'Bundesliga tax'?

  16. Consider also that Kane in 20/21 was 83 minutes per goal/assist, and he didn't want to be there for the first two months of 21/22. If you were to take the second half of last season I think it would look similar to 20/21 if not better, so he's probably still the better option

  17. 88 mins per goal/assist from mid-December to the end of the season

  18. Brisbane had 17 frees to 5 after half time, for anyone wondering

  19. The fact that both sets of fans are saying the umps are sabotaging them proves how bullshit that point is.

  20. It also proves that home crowds have an enormous influence on how the umpiring is perceived

  21. Anyone who says doors doesn't know what's under a conveyor belt

  22. If there can be elves with beards, there can be dwarves without beards, and there can be darker-skinned elves. Throughout the history of life it's very rare for a race/species to exist without outliers in physical appearance.

  23. It's touted as a free game but you pretty much have to spend money in order to get the true experience. And literally every single aspect of the game that could possibly monetized, is.

  24. I have been playing this game for 13 years and have only spent 1 year as a VIP over that time. I have never once felt like I need to be spending money to get the true experience.

  25. He's young and young players need to play games

  26. Not for $150. I got a $100 discount on a yearly subscription so I got it. Haven't had it for long but nevertheless haven't received any value so far.

  27. Line and length, hit the top of off. Batters make mistakes in the game

  28. It's a regulation long shot goal. Hundreds scored like that around the world every year at different levels. The only one of the nominated goals it could replace is Mahrez, but there were better long shots than Messi's in 2021.

  29. Pretty sure "I want a bill at the end of the year" is not a valid reason to vary PAYG withholding. Generally any variation, if found incorrect, like decreasing to 0 when you should have paid something, will result in a penalty of sorts.

  30. If this person is invariably getting it all back when they do their tax return, then the tax withheld is higher than it needs to be. That is a valid reason.

  31. This happened to me. Can't get that career back until this issue is fixed

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