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  1. Why do all the Final Battle graphics got their eyes scratched out like people I didnt like in my high school yearbook?

  2. Id say both his right and left are on point.

  3. That is a in game rift thing, there chance of it spawning friendly npcs & non friendly npcs so you are somewhat lucky for that rift to happen with the llamas

  4. Is this why I ran into a very confused and angry Dire wandering around the map by himself yesterday?

  5. He was abducted right around the time his wife was in the U.S capitol in January 2021*, then deposited back right after , leaving him completely unable to know what his wife was up to..

  6. AGREED. Feels like it was longer ago than it actually was. Time is broken.

  7. Was there a reason the ref wasn't counting for a rope break?

  8. Hey, thats slander against dentists. That is anti-dentite rhetoric.

  9. I wish Ron Swanson was the P&R Director. He wouldn't have taken this BS from Glenn.

  10. Ron Swanson, the Libertarian that every Libertarian thinks they are vs. Glenn Jacobs, the Libertarian that Libertarians actually are.

  11. I dont care what anybody says, I marked out when Sami built that robot.

  12. I appreciate that they removed the corner lines on the O. Turned it into a “squared circle” if you will.

  13. That turned into a Super Northern Lights Suplex

  14. Is Survivor Series in Gotham City this year?

  15. He could just be visiting some friends backstage.

  16. Tozawa going full force with that John Lasseter gimmick

  17. Vince took the footage when the company divorced him

  18. Well, thats what they told him. Turns out he was just carrying out film cannisters full of Todd Pettengill Livewire outtakes under his arms.

  19. Alrightalrightalrightalrightalrightalrightalrightalrightalrightalrightalrightalrightalrightalright

  20. Drunkicho has evolved to Jericoke.

  21. Painmaker goes all Joker Sting and becomes Dr. Rockso

  22. “Drunk Rock” is the show I want instead of “Young Rock”

  23. Love this. For a split second during The Undertakers theme it sounded like Sigur Rós lol

  24. Jerry “The King” Lawler has entered the chat

  25. We need to talk about what the other guy thought he was accomplishing by spamming the emote button while Flex was giving his promo

  26. He’s actually motioning towards his coke dealer off camera

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