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  1. Yeah, I used to be in the music business and everyone is in the studio making loud, awesome music everyday all day. So with that they astral project a whole lot because it toons their ears, and things like that. Oftentimes I can pick up on at least 10 artists dead and alive and they all know each other but have different limits and different objectives. The late rapper Big Pun astral project while awake a lot. I had a deceased lover tell me that it feels like she’s looking or can see through her eyelids, cause I get more visuals with my eyes closed. Anyways, I probably can’t answer your question but I definitely can relate.

  2. Try to create something you wish you had or had more of. If there is anything, chances are you still won’t have it for a while unless you create it. Plus if you’re missing something, nobody knows you’re missing it so they won’t beat you to the punch.

  3. $10M-$20M don’t be looking like enough sometimes. Then you get greedy, try to get more, and blow or lose it.

  4. Yo, I was in NYC once at some random underground train station and there had to be thousands of what looked like immigrants waiting for the trains on one regular platform. It was terrifying to say the least . I went back up to the street and never went back. Yo, stay safe, bro!

  5. What did you say in the letter? In general. Not specifics. Like, "I hate you" or "I'm going to kms".

  6. I told him about my very exciting childhood lifestyle that’s way too awesome to believe, that he conveniently missed. Drug dealing from ages 6-8 which was wild fun! I ran away from home as a preteen and got hired by a really big record label in 1993. For three months straight I ghostwrote about 4 songs a day, professionally; like 36 albums at a million a piece. My dad lives in NYC and I wanted him to adopt me so bad and I was gonna pay him too. I told him about how I made 6 figures a week and was gonna give him $1M to adopt me.

  7. I think “Getting Married” is about not really wanting to get married. I like the beat and theme a lot.

  8. Where’s Iceberg Slim, he was the coldest cat./. Get ya swag back daddy where ya focus as?

  9. I’ve met some women that can put some negativity in the air so I can definitely imagine a chick that’s gorgeous, that also has reptile eyes.

  10. Right. That’s what it’s all about! Some women will appear to be ugly, but they have money and family. They need the most help. I. Wouldn’t mind marrying an ugly woman because it’s all about the vagina!

  11. PSP… Pussy is Pussy lol that’s what my friend said back in the day lol

  12. Lol word! Even if she’s ugly, you can pull out a rich baby boy or a baby girl with your features.

  13. Yep. A lot of dark skinned women don’t and that’s not a problem. It’s a benefit. So I guess it’s back to the black ghetto I go to find my sober wife.

  14. My grandmother was an evil woman. She had a husband named Mr. John. He has a roommate named Mr. Bob.

  15. I love how your community takes care of each other! I was living in NYC with $40M, worth a billion, and because we all couldn’t get on the same page, I lost every penny. I’m supposed to be the richest person, but instead I’m out of a job.

  16. Sorry to hear that. But yes family is important and that why I hate the west because they hate the community.

  17. In America you have to do it all by yourself. If it doesn’t work, you’re exiled, you’re homeless, you’re dead. We don’t get many chances.

  18. Im guessing your username got you close to dying? /jk

  19. Lol when this one woman tore up my cock, it was so perfect that my thought was ‘Now I can die.’ Because she gave me what men dream of; I experienced a flawless bj!

  20. I think it’s completely up to you what you go through. If you have never been introduced to Jesus or Satan, you could never experience them at all.

  21. I feel if not for puffy big wouldn’t have been killed. Big would’ve never gone LA that early. Behind stupid tbh.

  22. It’s just how you explain it. If it wasn’t for Puffy, BIG would be alive. Suge even said that those bullets were for Puffy, not BIG.

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