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  1. It's hard to do that when she's on Schwartz's xanax

  2. No seriously she’s gotta be on like 20mg of Lexapro and 2 bars of Xanax to be this emotionless

  3. Take the opportunity when you’re in the car or living room to bring it up. Just ask him if you can talk about something serious and hopefully he says yes.

  4. If Sandoval was able to control the narrative the way he tried to, he would have succeeded in painting Ariana as an insane, unstable, emotionally abusive partner. He could have destroyed her reputation and prospects. He could have destroyed her financially.

  5. I cannot believe there are no leaks anywhere. Bravo is so good at this - abc could never

  6. Fentonelli’s and uptown burger are my go to’s rn 🤩

  7. I have GOOSEBUMPS!!!!!!! This is gonna be better than all 3 parts of the reunion I’m calling it now

  8. I just got summoned for the third time in two years! How do some people never get selected?!

  9. I fucking love Jax Taylor. I’m so sorry. I can’t help it. I love him on my screen!

  10. What do you make of their treatment or lack their of, of Cruz?

  11. I don’t know who Cruz is, I’ve been watching for the first time and am only on season 8 😶

  12. I can’t with Ramona posing like a sorority girl!! Omg she is too old for this. But also damn her legs look good

  13. Bumble BFF is a good place to meet people at least in my experience

  14. “What did you do all day while I was at work?” “Did you have a good day?”

  15. God DAM i love Siamese. With all my heart. I have one and he looked liked that when I first got him and he is still my whole world 8 years later. I’m so happy for you, enjoy your new companion ❤️

  16. Try changing your language in how you ask them to repeat themselves … several years ago my boyfriends mom called me out (after we had been dating for 3 years) when I said “what” to her because I didn’t hear what she said. She respectfully corrected me and said it always feels rude to her when I say what, and she prefers “say it again?” Or “can you repeat that?” It was something I had literally never considered until she mentioned something; I was 24 at the time AND I have hearing loss so my whole life had been whatx10000. To this day I refuse to say anything other than “say it again?” And it’s never caused an issue since.

  17. Yea, it definitely couldn’t be the organizational culture that covered up Matt Lauer’s affairs for years. Must be Kathy.

  18. Whew it was a joke bc of her allegedly saying she would take them down. Happy Sunday stay blessed

  19. I didn’t even see that flair I changed it thanks for the tip

  20. I came here to say this, I love them and how they look but they're so annoying to keep happy 😔 WHY WON'T YOU LIVE!

  21. I read that they need high humidity so I bought mine an expensive humidifier… it still died

  22. That it’s illegal to have lights on in the car while driving at night 😆

  23. Wooohoooo!!!! This is why I learned ASL! Love love love.

  24. Look into SMART Recovery or Refuge Recovery. With the pandemic, there are a plethora of online meetings, which can be easier to access than in-person meetings (sometimes).

  25. I second these!! Recovery Dharma is also a great one to try. They have online meetings too if there are none in tucson. Good luck my friend ❤️

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