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  1. Ben’s split program is now available! 🙌🏼🙌🏼

  2. It seems insane to be that block isn’t a feature. Especially since this very sub had some people go IRL on users.

  3. Yeah like sometimes I just want to walk for 10-15 minutes but not commit to a full class or have to turn off the volume etc. not to mention that 15 minutes isn’t a popular time. But in between meetings sometimes I literally want to…just walk 😁

  4. I’m not in the OG group but I hit 15K last week and could’ve potentially, maybe hit 18K with some extra work….😬

  5. Earned my 15K badge! It was last week but I forgot to post. Last year I was 300 minutes short so I’m psyched to have met my goal this year!

  6. I kind of want the Peloton Tread + but also see assault fitness has a sale on their elite pro version plus a free air bike. Is it worth holding out to see if they resume the sales of the Tread +.

  7. I love my tread+. My only frustration is that the west coast live schedule sucks for running. But the OD content keeps me happy. I don’t think they’ll go out of business so much as they’ll eventually be acquired by a gigantic company.

  8. Scrubs if you treat season 9 like a totally different show all together

  9. Anyone know when Ben’s split program becomes available for us regular people who don’t have a guide 🙄

  10. Hit 750 on strength today. Next up I join the comma club !

  11. Yeah it’s def a little alarming when they say those numbers, but I’ve found for myself that once I translate what they’re asking for into my own ranges, they freak me out a whole lot less. I am very curious how much of the peloton running member population can consistently meet the instructor call outs.

  12. I was an OTF member for four years and I almost never meet the callouts. But I’m also older now and have faced a lot more injuries/surgeries since the pandemic. Also the peloton tread+ is WAY WAY faster than the OTF treadmills.

  13. I just got a tread (not Peloton but use the app since I have the bike) and was wondering who the hood tread instructors are. I love Cody and Ally for the tread and Callie and Adrian for strength and bike boot camps.

  14. Olivia and believe it or not Mattie. Sigh: I wish Ben was on the tread.

  15. I don’t know about bugs but I feel like they’re constantly changing the app around and adding features we don’t need or want. Looking at you “feed” button.

  16. I know it’s the season, but I really wish instructors would not talk about food for the entire class. It’s honestly one of my biggest pet peeves when working out. I just took a hike with Camila and had to turn the sound off because by minute 15 she was STILL talking about all the food we’re gonna eat soon.

  17. Also for stacks - being able to navigate them more intuitively from my iPad or iPhone. I wish there was just a start next workout button, like they have on the bike!

  18. It’s crazy to me how many steps it is to start your next class on the app. It’s like it was designed by someone who has never used the app to stack.

  19. Probably been asked already but I couldnt find anything and it was an awkward search term:

  20. I’m like 20 minutes away from earning it so yeah it’s just collect 310 minutes in a month, essentially.

  21. Question for the people that live where it snows. If you were to use just workout for shoveling would you use cardio or walking? I guess it just matters what I want to count towards milestones really but was curious if people had a rhyme or reason for picking one.

  22. It’s definitely more cardio IMO. I use cardio for any modality that’s outside of what peloton offers. Like tennis for example, that’s cardio even though I’m running and would amas mileage whist doing it. You will log a mile walking, sure, but shoveling is more than walking. 😁

  23. If you like strength check out the hiking bootcamps with Rebecca! I loved those when I had a tread.

  24. Second this. The hiking classes are some of my favorite content on the platform. I really got into them this year when I couldn’t run because of injury but I could walk or power walk. I’ve been more sore from a 30 minute hiking class than from an actual 5K where I ran the whole thing. Those inclines are no joke.

  25. Avicii. I sat in my car and cried in my driveway. It was the first celebrity death to actually make me cry. Such a talent. And so so so young.

  26. This challenge is so weird! It counts every minute and not by the day so it's just do 310 minutes over the course of a month? How bad is that average user engagement that that's a challenge lol

  27. I read it as 10 minutes a day for 30 days not 310 minutes in a month (meaning you can do like two workouts that total 310 minutes between now and then) it’s cumulative per DAY.

  28. Has anyone here worked at Peloton? Hoping to learn a bit more about the working environment!

  29. Search on Glassdoor. I’m sure there tons of reviews on there.

  30. I finally got the new app update everyone has been talking about. I don’t love it. Anyone else? It feels like it’s harder to find everything - a lot more clicks to get to the stuff I need.

  31. I just tried it and filtering doesn’t work. At all. Like it’s a blank screen. Hoping this gets fixed quickly

  32. My filtering works so maybe try deleting and reinstalling the app. I’m no expert.

  33. I’m not in the group, but I’m on track! I’ve made up a shit load of minutes since September. Im at 12,772!

  34. Anyone else not loving the classes with members? 😬

  35. I’ve had the bike since 2017 but rarely rode live. Then we got the tread+ during the pandemic lockdown, basically, and there were no live runners until recently. I hate it! I primarily ride & run on demand but now I’m extra careful to choose classes with no live studio audience. I took one run, I can’t remember with whom and she was surveying the class for their fav ice cream flavor. And I was like I can’t with this.

  36. I hit 300 walks, 500 stretches, and 150 runs all within the last week. No one in my life does peloton so nobody really “gets it.” I’m also still on track for the 15K badge.

  37. Don't you hate when you can't share these things with anyone in your life except strangers on Reddit?? Congrats on all of those milestones! Great work and ya, we all "get it" here!!

  38. My friend was like “so…you get a fake badge that means nothing in the real world.” 🤨 thanks for your support, stranger!

  39. Launching this month and they’re going to be guide-exclusive for seven weeks. I’ll be checking them out via Pelobuddy’s links lol

  40. Remind me again what the workaround is? I love Ben. He’s my fav instructor!

  41. Pelobuddy will (hopefully) post the direct link to each class so you can just click in from there, and once you’ve taken it, access the class to take again from your workout history. You won’t get credit for the program but you also won’t have to wait seven weeks lol

  42. I don’t care about credit. I just want to take Ben’s clases.

  43. Update: it’s working again but back mileage has not been updated.

  44. That’s a bummer. I was definitely using it to motivate myself to walk more every month. I wish they’d have a separate monthly Walking challenge (along with yoga and meditation).

  45. I am here for this. I do a meditation every night. I also walk everyday even if just around the block. I have logged seeing my monthly miles rise since the just walk came out.

  46. Only judges that are appointed for life, I'd say would be exempt.

  47. On the app especially it’s far too many clicks to continue the stack and my heart rate has already dropped way down. I actually stopped stacking for this reason.

  48. Anyone else bummed that outdoor just walk miles no longer count towards the monthly badge? IDK if this is a bug or the way it is now.

  49. I’m more disappointed that we don’t know whether it’s a bug or a permanent change. Poor communication from Peloton.

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