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  1. How are you using the term bidet? It can mean a separate porcelain fixture that goes beside your toilet, or a toilet/toilet seat that sprays water on your butt/genitals.

  2. Yah - no. We already have too many provinces. If I was king we would merge the four Atlantic provinces and also Saskatchitoba.

  3. You won’t even be anywhere near downtown Toronto. The airport is in Mississauga, and you’ll just follow 427 south to QEW, merge onto QEW Hamilton and keep going.

  4. Nah - the best route is 401-403-407-QEW. Way better than 427-QEW. Or even 427 North to 407 if you don't mind a few more $ in tolls.

  5. I never thought about the 407 since it’s not the route I usually take down there, lol. I’m on the other side of Mississauga so I just follow Winston Churchill Blvd down to 403 Hamilton, then continue on that way to the QEW.

  6. But then you have to go through the Ford plant bottleneck. That’s why it often makes sense to take the 497 to the junction of the 407, 403 and QEW in Burlington

  7. yeah, Canada had a proper team circa the 90s. Not sure exactly what happened, other sports must've taken over in the country or sth.

  8. To be honest, I think rugby has become more popular and now gets more funding as 7s is an Olympic sport. And there now is a professional league in North America with one team in Canada and a bunch or Canadians playing for US based MLR teams. I would be that we have more professional rugby players now than we ever have in the past where we would have a few overseas pros, often in the second tier pro leagues in England or France, and the odd person elsewhere - like DTH vdM or Cudmore.

  9. Right, so in essence Canada wasn't ready to make the major investments the modern pro game was demanding.

  10. I am not that well connected into the hierarchy here in Canada but some people complain that the national rugby union has been extremely poorly run and is to blame. I don't know if that is true.

  11. Generally we tip the delivery person in cash, similar to a food delivery driver.

  12. Huh? Don't you just tip through the app. Who wants to deal with cash?

  13. Make sure you know when things like security or US customs open (if applicable). No point going at that time if nothing opens until 5 or so.

  14. UHT filing requirements are based on legal ownership. You need to look to the land title. The individuals listed there have the filing requirement. If that’s one trustee, there is one filing. If there are three trustees listed, then it’s three filings.

  15. I am pretty sure that the land title just has the Trust's name. Trustees can change on a regular basis, can they not? When a trustee changes does that imply that the beneficial ownership has changed? I didn't think it did.

  16. Just pulled out the docs and you are right - it does list the three trustees by name.

  17. If the flight's overhead bins are full you may be forced to check your bag, especially if you are in a later boarding zone.

  18. Correct, they don't charge you. But you have to be careful what will be checked - like if you don't want your camera to be checked. Or prescription meds, or whatever.

  19. I would recommend all new comers to do their first tax return manually, personally, by hand. Read through the for carefully and slowly. If you need help, still do it yourself first, once, before taking it to an accountant. It is great educational opportunity on what the tax system is like.

  20. This is how l learned to do it since you had no other choice 40 years ago. And it is a great way to know how everything fits together.

  21. This sub will tell you to do you taxes yourself, but I honestly disagree with this. Even if your situation is simple, I think it is worth the peace of mind to pay an actual tax professional $100-$200 to get them done properly and ensure you are getting all the credits you are eligible for. Not some chump from H&R block, but an actual person or firm who does taxes professionally.

  22. I have been doing my taxes by myself most years for the last 40 years or so - I am in my late 50s. A few times I had an accountant do it. But it isn't actually materially easier when you have an accountant do the taxes as 99% of the work is collecting all of the information - T4, T3s, T5s, ACB for investments sold in non-reg accounts, charitable donation receipts, medical expenses, etc.

  23. With the bank of Canada making an agreement with the federal reserve and others to provide liquidity for the international bank crisis, I would be shocked if we don't enter a state of hyperinflation within the next 2 years. Our dollar could be cut in half in that period or worse. I like your prediction but it would need to be fractionalized by whatever amount of cash they print to help save the banks.

  24. About $27/hour assuming that minimum wage rises by 2% per year over the next 27 years.

  25. Lack of love shown for Pluto here. And I am not talking about Mickey Mouse's dog.

  26. In Canada there are only two allowable weather comments.

  27. You'd file with the ITCs. Just file the associated HST collected and ITCs for the period (although ITCs can be carried forward). If you are a quarterly filer, you can include the ITCs on the filing.

  28. Thanks, I am just looking at this. Confusing and bureaucratic to say the least! But the property that the trust owns is not suitable for year-round use as a place of residence.

  29. That means you must file a UHT return, but won't have tax payable. Each trustee who fails to file will be subject to a 5k penalty.

  30. Thanks, that's what I thought. What a bureaucratic waste of time and money.

  31. definitely. and it’s been done before many times. some may not most all do tho. sideline is much much longer in football with all the extra players and equipment so it’s hard to tell the true size of the field.

  32. Are there strict minimum width and length for RWC pitches?

  33. The S in XSB stands for short, so you aren't getting a long bond fund.

  34. I was on top of one of the coke ovens at Dofasco for a bid meeting once. I took my respirator off for just a second to scratch my face, and I could taste a kind of an acidic/burning sensation for a few hours afterwards on my lips.

  35. My grandpa worked there for years and lived to 97 years of age. They made the tough back then!

  36. Lots of Polish as well and there is lots of overlap with the food, since some cities have toggled back and forth between Poland and Ukraine through the years.

  37. There are a bunch of them around town. I walked by the one at FCP at lunch and I didn't see any cupcakes, but lots of other yummy looking stuff.

  38. Don't know if they have cupcakes, but Sweetie Pie has opened up in FCP.

  39. Choose one, close or cheap. The closest is Valet parking - pull up right in front of the terminal, but all in you will pay around $250-300/week. The farther away you get, the more you will save. Simple economics.

  40. Kind of a useless article since it is so vague. Cut spending? Sure, but give us specics. On what? Heatlhcare? Education? Electricity subsidies?

  41. Cape Breton Island. Beautiful scenery, friendly people, a local whisky distillery, good lobster and three world class golf courses.

  42. Lowest MER and maybe tracking error but they are so close to not matter.

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