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  1. Started with some Buffalo trace and ended with Elijah Craig.

  2. Yes, you need pcr. Do the test after arriving at the airport

  3. Is it still worth going on a Tuesday tho or would it be dead ?

  4. Maybe youd like a dessert option to go with all the amazing bottles you have so far. Perhaps a Glenallachie 10 CS ( There newest batch of 12 is also really good) or a more classic option such as Glendronach (15) or the Dalmore Cigar Malt (dont hate on me for this one guys some Dalmore is good).

  5. I’ve always wanted to get a Dalmore, why would anyone hate on it ? Downside for me that at the moment I feel it being a bit pricey

  6. A lot of whiskey people hate on Dalmore because of the added colouring, chill filtration and low ABV.

  7. Glenallachie 10 Cask Strength Batch 6 is a great option !!

  8. Lol the bowmore had to go up ONLY bc it is an Islay .. and I have it … it’s the one I pour to ppl I don’t like when they come over

  9. The jack daniels. I love most bourbons, ryes and American whiskey in general. That being said jack Daniels N07 is nasty.

  10. Johnnie walker black and Laphroig 10. Tried them both on an airplane when I just turned 18 and wasn’t too big of a fan. Now I’ve got 5 different Laphroig bottles in my collection, and I love peat.

  11. The highland park Cask strength (batch 2 ) is delicious

  12. Bowmore 12, I love peaty islay scotch but this stuff is terrible.

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