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  1. Really hope they extend the 45 day exemption past March 31st

  2. Afaik they already did till end of 2023

  3. So there was no 15 day temporary increase to allowed days on a tourist visa like there was with the visa exemption and visa on arrival.

  4. Do u know if they plan to keep the 15 day extension till the end of the year or just March 31.

  5. If it gets extended, they will publish it between 30 Mar and 3 Apr.

  6. Wouldn’t that screw anyone coming from the 1st-2nd ?

  7. Double check you aren't eligible for 45 days? Most countries are now.

  8. I am from a country that is eligible however that is supposed to expire March 31st officially speaking and I’m goin after that. It is supposed to be extended till the end of the year but it has not been confirmed yet.

  9. Might be a bit of an unpopular opinion but I actually enjoyed Singha quite a bit.

  10. Let me know what you're into and I'll advise 😊 drinking, smoking, partying, yoga, tantra, sunsets etc

  11. drinking, partying and sunsets sound pretty good, as for smoking and such my buddy does it so let me know! And in all honesty I got no idea what tantra is.

  12. Sometime in May not too sure yet though. Unfortunately won’t make it for full moon party. That being said I do want to be there for the Eden party on a Saturday .

  13. AIS shop right next to TTB bank. 5 minutes walk from Khaosan Road. Your welcome.

  14. LTAW (I'm not spelling that out, lol) is correct. A Canadian friend of mine owns a condo in Thailand. When she planned to be there over the length of the tourist visa (now 45 days, previously 30) she would hop a cheap flight to Kuala Lumpur for a weekend then fly back to Bangkok. No problems.

  15. When u say 45 is that the visa Canadians get right away upon entering? I thought it was 30 days. Or is the tourist visa something you have to apply for? And if so how much is it

  16. If you're visiting Bangkok, you won't notice much of a difference in the north - they're both shit, it's just that people like to whine and focus on Chiang Mai but

  17. Yeah it's probably more money that this time last year buts that for obvious reasons. But if you think 70 US is a lot for a mega capital city do not come to New Zealand. You could not even buy a night in a barn getting molested by a farm yard animal for that much in some towns

  18. I know it’s a lot cheaper than pretty much anywhere else, just expensive for Thailand

  19. What do the locals think of Khaosan road? Do you prefer it to RCA for nightlife or the other way around?

  20. Honestly I think people make it out to be worse than it really is. I spent most of July in Bangkok last year and found the rain to be less troublesome than you would excpect. Basically expect one or two light showers per day 5 days a week and then heavy downpour 1-2 times per week in the evening or night for around half an hour. Mind you these can get pretty intense but just walk into a shop or mall for 30 minutes and you’ll be good. As far as heat goes it is pretty hot and humid which I personally don’t mind. A/C is pretty much a must in your hotel or accommodation but truth be told unless you are staying in a shack somewhere you’ll definitely have it so don’t worry. Also don’t bother with an umbrella or rain jacket, as previously stated just run into a building for a sec. The rain jacket u probably have is too thick and will cause you to boil, if there’s some sort of emergency and u need one pop into a 7/11 and grab one of those poncho looking things for a few Baht. Don’t overthink it, have a blast!

  21. Used Agoda the whole time I was in Thailand never had an issue with them. Moreover pricing was better than booking directly or through other sites, highly recommend!

  22. Vertigo, Skybar(the one from the hangover), and Octave

  23. Depends on what you want. Last I went, I stayed 2 minutes from asok right by benchatti park. Location was pretty ideal right by shopping food and a particular kind of nightlife “if that’s what Ure into”. Additionally it’s right by the BTS and MRT intersection so realistically u can get anywhere u want. That being said seeing as how I’m young and not into the p4p scene I mostly partied at khaosan road which was pretty far. So if ure looking to spend some time there stay a bit further west.

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