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  1. What are still good active markets? haven't been on in a few months and no links are working anymore

  2. Hey idk if that’s actually your age or not but it’s probably better to not mention you’re underage in a post. Ofc you can always tell someone you trust later but sadly putting it in your post will only get you a lot of responses from people with mostly bad intentions. Hope you find some nice people though:)

  3. don't, the chance if him getting addicted is extremely high. benzos, mostly diazepam, is actually used for alcohol withdrawal.

  4. It's actually much easier than you might expect. hmu if you need some know how. I got you. I'm not a seller or something btw so rlly no advantage for me in that way

  5. Probably what another commentator said; your education is probably designated as hbo here. I guess a pre-master would be your only choice to get in

  6. yeah i have the same sometimes, but I depends on the type of game. Their suggestion is: "please deinstall all mods you mightt have". like why tf did I buy them if I have to deinstall to to play some game modes

  7. It’ll get back there, I’m pretty sure. It’s just too tempting when you can make percentages in the tens, twenties or even 30/50’s. Bitcoin just isn’t going to be it imo

  8. Impossible. There’s no doctor here that will give you something like this. It’s most likely they’ll put you through to a medical expert to help you off of taking that much.

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