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  1. Even if it’s not brand name klonopin the working ingredient is still clonazepam so it really doesn’t matter

  2. Better not take them all at once though😂

  3. Definitely same for Pinkpop in the Netherlands

  4. Kinda sad but thanks. Didn’t know about it before this

  5. Ah that could be it. There was a flood, but was in a city state next to my city

  6. yeah i have the same sometimes, but I depends on the type of game. Their suggestion is: "please deinstall all mods you mightt have". like why tf did I buy them if I have to deinstall to to play some game modes

  7. Ah excuse my English then. It’s only my third language

  8. Thanks for appreciating my very inspirational post

  9. It’ll get back there, I’m pretty sure. It’s just too tempting when you can make percentages in the tens, twenties or even 30/50’s. Bitcoin just isn’t going to be it imo

  10. Also if after reading this you’re thinking wtf you’re probably right in thinking that

  11. Impossible. There’s no doctor here that will give you something like this. It’s most likely they’ll put you through to a medical expert to help you off of taking that much.

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