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  1. Personally I would stop using OMSA and monitor Dell servers via SNMP on the iDRAC. Their repositories are generally out of date and have known to break things like VMware before.

  2. Omda not being backwards compatible is a PITA too.

  3. Ugh, yes! This happens with the Ubuntu/Debian version a lot.

  4. It's OMSA period. Version 10.0.1 cannot manage anything but 10.0.1. If you have an environment with multiple versions you have to use multiple consoles to manage it.

  5. Do you want the specific folder named "shared with everyone" or want all files/folders with the shared with everyone permission?

  6. No, you'll have to either go north and take the Bay Bridge or go south and take the Bay Bridge/Tunnel

  7. Or, if the issue is bridges, go waaaay north around the bay.

  8. That does not appear to be a feature available on messages.

  9. That's on the list of yearly rewatches for me.

  10. Shoot. Just straight vanilla with rainbow jimmies. Love me some custard.

  11. Even if the ball touch, just say nohomo and you're fine.

  12. One way or another he retired for sure.

  13. Ah yes, a reddit post linking to an article, linking to another reddit post.

  14. Looks like OP probably works for the linked site. That is pretty much all they post.

  15. Some of these seem a little silly. They say they dont include it if the price difference is small but then have something like bitwarden that goes from $3 to $5 or elastic that goes up by 5 cents.

  16. It's in preview. Limiting geographies and languages is perfectly reasonable to keep the development feedback focused.

  17. It's probably a limitation on the Amazon app store as well.

  18. What are we looking at here? A cam inside pointing out a window at a fence and the side of another house?

  19. It actually looks like the camera could have some blinds behind it and the flashes we see is a light in the room.

  20. I tried every combo of lights that it could be and it is not repeatable. The little tiny light on top of the fence post for a split second has been other places, and multiple of them, moving around and usually accompanied by extremely fast moving or very large and ethereal orbs and massive interference on all cameras including no sound, black lines, crazy glitches, strange voices and no sound for half the video even when the sound is on, and the sound was okay for the first 10-20 seconds, then robotic, then nothing.

  21. The tiny light and orbs are most likely something reflecting off of the infrared lights. Very common.

  22. Edit your powershell 5 profile to launch powershell 7

  23. I would create a domestic violence/abuse organization the exclusively caters to men. The Johnny Depp trial is really shining a light on the fact the men get abused as well, and are very often either not believed about it, or told to "toughen up" and deal with it. Many of the DV/DA orgs out there do not help men, and a lot of the shelters for victims out there only allow women.

  24. I would say make multiple DVD or Blu ray copies and safely store them.

  25. What seat and saddle bag combo is that? It would be so sweet for longer rides

  26. If you're using it for gaming only through steam, turn off windows updates

  27. Krapopolis could be good. It's got Richard Ayoade and Matt Berry in it.

  28. September of 2020 was 24k before insurance for us. 4 days in the hospital.

  29. You got any experience with the A models? Do they run smoothly? My main usage I get out of my phone is video playback and social medias. Gaming performance isn’t important to me?

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