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  1. Dude made a completely harmless post to spread awareness and inform people on a heavily misunderstood religious holiday, as well as warn people about increased traffic areas/peak hours, and people are still getting mad.

  2. Unfortunately, it’s one festival that annoys people (including myself) when you’re having to pick up the slack when doing a physical job due to their lack of energy by the end of the day. It’s nothing to do with religion. Just like Ron Burgundy said “It’s science”.

  3. That oil looks expensive? Can get 5L of castrol edge from supercheap for under $80. These rest looks fine.

  4. One of the car places usually has a half price sale on oil too. $40 easy.

  5. I had an issue with Ubuntu updating and a installing new kernel. I booted from the previous kernel and it works fine. It is a Realtek USB wifi card.

  6. I’m in Australia so I just woke up and saw the score??? What the actual fuck???

  7. I was gonna watch the replay and accidentally saw the result on Today. Thank god I did. The pain watching that defeat would have been too much.

  8. Mines in the mail. Can’t wait. Good to see it’s a 10/10 jersey.

  9. This worked for me as well, seems as if it gets hung up on something during the setup after registering to the network. My exact steps for anyone who feels a little overwhelmed by the OP -

  10. Who ever you are you are now my favourite person of 2023. It was doing my bloody head in this thing. Saved me hours more of pain.

  11. I had the same problem on my intel NUC. Some versions of Ubuntu don't support the Intel quicksync natively. Take a look at this

  12. I'll have a look into it. I haven't installed the Quicksync stuff so might be that.

  13. I have 2 SSD’s installed. OS (Windows) is on one of them and the other holds Plex database and misc files.

  14. Direct play isn’t an issue. Just a bit slow on remote playing. Doesn’t help upload speeds in Australia are rubbish. 18mbps yuk!

  15. What’s the history behind why Latino commentators saying Gooooooooooooaaaaaaaalllllll? Who started it? Does anyone have a link to the first video of it happening?

  16. Yeah, I messed around with Windows for too long and kept having issues with Quicksync causing PMS to crash. Plus the forced software updates/reboots. And Windows just generally being a bigger drain on the system resources.

  17. I second this. I’ve just done a homebridge and Plex setup through a similar PC through Ubuntu. I’ve never used Linux before and having to learn everything is a bit gruelling but you get through it eventually. YouTube and google a lot. Ha. It has done my head in at times but when it’s running it’s great.

  18. I've got it running but it doesn't give much info. It shows it as a light sensor in lux. It gives you total yield, Today's yield and current generation. I am also waiting for someone to create a proper plugin. Would be nice to have something like the Solax plugin with the extra info.

  19. I work for Qantas Mainline as an engineer and all our planes some form of entertainment. Whether it be in-seat video, wifi with shows and movies via the app or internet. Some of our A330’s have iPad that are supplied for customers. Like many people have said it’s mostly weight. You’ve got to think for example on a A330-200.

  20. Help! New to PMS on Ubuntu. Previously I used PMS through the Nvidia Shield 2017 and had no issues. I have moved it to a Lenovo M700 running the latest Ubuntu (I’m very new to using Ubuntu as well). Some file formats wont play or play glitching throughout. For example I had a *.avi which plays perfectly on my MBP through VLC. Transfer it to PMS and direct play through my iPad and every minute or so it shits itself. Do I need to download codecs for Ubuntu PMS? I thought it did it by itself. Thanks!

  21. When you installed your Ubuntu, did you include the Ubuntu Restricted Extras? I'd start there. If you google it there are lots of pages explaining how to add it later.

  22. Mitsubishi - 10 years warranty (Mine is still going strong after 8 years) Toyota - Maintained well can last forever. Isuzu - Very good diesel engines and well made.

  23. I tried that but it go to fan mode on the unit when selected. Not Cool or Heat.

  24. The New Era caps are already out there. My Piastri one will be delivered tomorrow. are selling them. $AU40. Cheap

  25. I wouldn’t be worried about full comp insurance. Id be worried about when you go to the mechanic. I guarantee you’ll be spending more than $3.5k in repair costs when something breaks. I’d be choosing a Jap or Korean can for my first car. Even if you have a at fault contact with a pole in a carpark and need a new bumper for example you’ll be able to pick one up and respray it for under $1k. A BMW you’ll be looking at $2k plus. Not worth the hassle. People really don’t give a shit what car you drive. Just keep it nice and clean.

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