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  1. The gold Oura Ring (I only wear gold jewelry so it'd look weird with anything else) is currently $704 CAD which is insane to me lol (and that's with a $15 off discount link). No payment plans offered for Canadians, either. Is there anywhere to buy the Oura Ring in person in Canada in 2023? Indigo no longer sells it. Would be nice to save on the shipping and customs at least if I'm buying a $700 fitness tracker. Or just tell me to stop being cheap and buy the thing if it's as amazing as everyone claims. Should I bite the bullet?

  2. I feel the same way, but I’m also aware of all the strange things happening, just like you are. I had to ask myself - would I have this same bad feeling if I had no clue about any of these weird occurrences? Probably not. I think we’re exposed to too much information at way too fast of a rate. We’d be remiss to not acknowledge that it is influencing our feelings and intuition.

  3. Set an alarm for 30 mins before you wake up, take the pill real quick, go back to bed. Then you can have breakfast right away. I’ve been doing that since the start and had no issues!

  4. I’ve been doing this and it’s been hard, but I see no other way. It makes waking up the 2nd time so much harder.

  5. I’m not disagreeing with you on the potential “unsafe” candidates nor would I vote for them, but I definitely think people need to understand the extreme viewpoints of some of the other candidates as well, namely Pizzolato and Polhill. While trustees, both worked very hard (and failed) to make covid vaccines mandatory for students and were unwilling to listen to other viewpoints from the community (I know because I tried). They were literally a mob. As a mother with kids in Thames Valley, I think this is a gross abuse of power. They aren’t the health unit and they lost the trust of many community members due to this single issue. And before anyone calls me an anti-vaxxer or whatever else, I’m vaccinated but believe PARENTS should be the ones deciding what shots go into their kids’ arms, not trustees and ward representatives. Please don’t vote for those people if you agree.

  6. Definitely either ask your doctor for more tests and/or more explanation or get a second opinion. And ultrasound or X-ray may be in order as well. Get in touch with a nutritionist and naturopath to dig even deeper. Hope you feel better soon.

  7. I'm subclinical as well (around 5.8 TSH as of a week ago) and my doctor doesn't recommend treatment until I'm around the 9-10+ TSH range which is ridiculous in my opinion. Luckily I've been working with a naturopath who supports treating subclinical hypothyroidism. I just started 30mg of NDT (natural desiccated thyroid). It's literally been 2 days so I can't speak on the effectiveness of the meds yet but I think it's a huge failure of western medicine not to treat subclinical hypothyroidism. I asked askdocs on Reddit about this and got absolutely torn apart and downvoted to hell for seeking advice on treating subclinical. You need to follow your body and if you have symptoms, why wait for them to get worse before treating them? Follow your gut! Try finding an ND if your MD isn't supportive. Additional functional labs may provide more insight as well.

  8. Okay, this post is a bit sus lol. Seems like this person made an account just for this post. I think it’s pretty clear that encampments do encourage, or at least provide an environment to, commit crimes with less repercussions. We know London Police doesn’t care. Having said that, I’m not sure about the pedophile piece. I mean we know London is a hub for sex trafficking and that the victims are young, making it pedophilia-connected, at the very least. Why not come out and say what you wanna say, OP?

  9. Try Dorchester vet clinic. They’re affordable, right outside of London and are fantastic.

  10. Ask yourself if that actually makes sense on the whole.

  11. Why should moving out to the boonies mean you a) make more money, b) have no skills, c) aren’t productive, d) aren’t doing “real work” and e) aren’t “improving things” (whatever said things are)? Your comment makes absolutely no sense. It is actually good for a country’s population, on so many levels, to be spread out rather than condensed into small urban hellscapes where supply can’t meet demand.

  12. “High interest rates” and “people trying to get feb prices” - you realize if rates go down prices will go past the “peak”

  13. Obviously, anyone who is looking to buy is aware of that reality. It’s just a matter of trying to find the sweet spot before that happens, as volatile as it is right now. Timing is everything

  14. What type of home are you looking at? which city?

  15. Detached house in London or surrounding area.

  16. We have a housing crisis in London, specifically a renting crisis. I love Airbnb as much as anyone, but I think it’s a step in the right direction for renters. It’s tough out here financially so I’m not sad for people who own multiple homes and profit off them, sorry. Time to even the playing field.

  17. Dorchester vet is the cheapest. I know it's not London, but close enough. They are fantastic and at least half the cost of London vets. Worth the drive. I hope your cat is okay.

  18. Cool healing ability you have there. Well done!

  19. Beautiful practice. Genuine question - are you aware that you more or less described how to do the Maharic Shield or liquid light meditation? It's an ancient grounding protective technique. Yours was slightly different, but very similar to the Maharic Shield.

  20. Not familiar with that practice. Do you use it?

  21. I do, yes. It's incredibly powerful. Let me know if you'd like some more details.

  22. What are those things that the PCs have honed in on?

  23. I don't know what all 3 are, but I think the most obvious ones are mask mandates and vax mandates. Most Ontarians want to be done with both. Unfortunately, Dougie is the only one offering a way out of those mandates ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  24. We take our cat to Hyde Park Veterinary Hospital with Dr. Nicole Kushner. We have only had two appointments so far but they are super nice, friendly, and explain things well. They were very affordable for our cat.

  25. I wouldn't recommend this place. Went there for 2 visits before switching vets. They try to rip you off and over-medicate your pet as much as they'll get away with before you start questioning.

  26. VCA Canada Masonville Animal Hospital is great and I have found it be extremely reasonable. They don't over-medicate and over-prescribe which saves you money.

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