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  1. Bands like Kansas, Foreigner, Supertramp, The Cars, Boston off the top of my head were filling large sports arenas off of their first Album release.

  2. Supertramp's first two albums didn't perform that well commercially, so I doubt that. 1974's 'Crime of the Century' was their big breakthrough.

  3. I had a look at the main UK arenas, and these are the bands/solo artists from the last 10-years or so that have upcoming/shows in the last few years: Beartooth, Yungblud, I Prevail, DMA'S, Machine Gun Kelly, Nothing But Thieves, Sam Fender, Ghost, The 1975, Catfish and the Bottlemen, Don Broco, Architects, Maneskin, HAIM, Royal Blood, Two Door Cinema Club.

  4. It doesn’t change much, but they weren’t headlining that festival - they were third on the bill.

  5. When was this done roughly? Totally missed it.

  6. Måneskin has cemented themselves as probably the most popular rock band in the world right now and are certainly higher than Greta Van Fleet.

  7. Yep, if we’re talking about classic rock-esque bands, those are definitely the four biggest,

  8. How, 2023 just started? Metallicas album isn't even out until April and I'll argue it'll be better.

  9. Well Metallica did lose to Jethro Tull for best metal album the first year of handing out the award

  10. It takes some kind of connections to end up on a large label with no prior releases or tours. It’s not some big conspiracy and it doesn’t mean they did anything wrong; it’s just how the industry works.

  11. They’d performed frequently around the Isle of Wight as a band (and solo for years and years) prior to them signing to Domino, including

  12. They didn't have every single and album go to number one in the UK.

  13. Every studio album did go to #1 tbf, but yeah not all the singles by a long way.

  14. He's a producer for Coldplay, apparently?

  15. Wait… I thought they Wallace and Gromit was done due to their studio going up in a blaze, and loosing all they claymation models?

  16. That was almost 20 years ago, they’ve done loads since. They only really lost archival stuff.

  17. It’s possible, but the vast majority of singles are released on Thursday/Friday - I don’t think I’ve ever seen a Saturday release before.

  18. Notable artists that seemingly got zero votes despite putting out a new album/EP in 2022: MØ, Black Eyed Peas, 100 gecs, Santigold, The Knocks, Bree Runway, mxmtoon, Daya

  19. 100 gecs only released a 3-track EP tbf, I hadn’t even considered them for this and I love them!

  20. I can’t see it other than a secret set, they’re more likely to wait to headline the Pyramid. A reliable user on Efestivals said that they were set to headline in 2021 before it was cancelled due to covid, so I’m sure it’ll come around again in the next couple of years.

  21. No idea why they’re headlining community 2 years in a row tbf

  22. The one they’re doing is billed as “Community presents…” and is in a different location, so I imagine it’s a spin-off event to the main one.

  23. Ed Sheeran won’t collab with Sam again after their single didn’t make the Top 100 😌

  24. It wasn’t a single tbf, none of Sam’s album tracks have done very well.

  25. Isn’t I’m Not Here To Make Friends doing pretty well? Or is it just getting attention for that lewd video?

  26. For what it’s worth, he’s said today that he was joking and it was taken out of context.

  27. Fall out boy are a well known act but not for that ridiculous price (all though I guess it would be justified for the bazillion opening acts they have I guess 🫠)

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