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[Kanell] Welcome to the playoff Ohio State. Way to do it the hard way!! Not everyone can get smoked at home by 22 points, sit on their couch with their pom poms and watch other teams risk it all and back their way in!! 👏👏

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  1. I think it's just cause of how massive the talent difference is, all the guys you mentioned do absolutely benefit from having more talent than their competition. But JSU is on a whole different level, Florida A&M, the team with the second best record in the SWAC, has one 3-star, JSU has 28 3-stars and 12 4-stars so they can outcompete teams on raw talent alone.

  2. Huh, maybe I just read it wrong then, but I was going off of this

  3. Yep, I just saw the high school recruits, not the transfers.

  4. Well, yes they are more retaliatory, but I believe what he OP has there is a Solfiuge(I think that’s what they’re called). They don’t actually have any venom. They beat their prey to death pretty much. Also, if either a camel spider or a solifuge chase after you, they most likely just wanna hide in your shadow.

  5. Yea it was crazy. There were 3 of us watching when we dropped the cricket in the container. It was like a quart sized clear container with a lid. The camel spider had been active until we dropped the cricket in. It just stopped and sat there while the cricket was moving around on the other side of the container. The cricket got closer to the spider and BAM, 3 pieces. Followed by the of us all going "OH SHIT!"

  6. As one of the dozens of UNLV fans, I’ll admit I was fine with getting rid of Arroyo. I just don’t know what to expect from Odom. At least he’s experienced unlike the last two hires. But to go from hearing Coach O, Peterson, and Patterson… Odom feels like a let down, only because of where expectations were set.

  7. If I want to be honest. UNLV is spoken about in big terms of college football. Being a tier1 research school means they’d be eligible for moves to the big boys like the PAC 12. They even have a sizable TV market unlike Boise or many other MWC teams. I think the AD is pushing for immediate competency, and not another 4-5 win season that arroyo was likely to have.

  8. I was just curious what your opinions were. Most people seem to agree that it was an odd firing, so I wanted to hear from someone that was ok with the firing.

  9. I agree with you. Why were we so quick to mess with momentum and fire Arroyo only to hire this guy.

  10. I'm still wondering if there was something else behind the scenes with Arroyo. It just doesn't make sense.

  11. Admin has been pouring in resources (especially compared to Reno) and it hasn’t made a difference. Need a good, consistent coach. At least they haven’t been confined to Sam Boyd in recent years

  12. Firing your coach that has improved the team every year after just 3 years doesn't exactly exude consistency.

  13. Where did I say Willie Fritz is undeserving? But if he made the list, then Heupel should too. I'd be fine with Fritz winning it. Would be better than Harbaugh, Riley or Smart winning it.

  14. Yeah, but saying so doesn't mean Fritz is undeserving lol. I am not arguing against Fritz's inclusion as a finalist...

  15. Saying those two are the only ones that should win is negating Fritz's inclusion. You're basically saying no one else deserves to be there but those two cause they're the only two that should win.

  16. Are you insinuating an intent of violence? Which yeah would be a big fucking deal

  17. I saw Utah's QB get decapitated and get up and continue to play... It all comes down to toughness in the end...

  18. Spoken like someone who has never played sports and had a hamstring issue.

  19. You sound like someone who just talks the talk... I've dealt with hamstring injuries... They hurt they heal... Man up.

  20. You sound like someone who has no idea what they're talking about.

  21. Indeed, he does look a little annoyed by the comment:

  22. My take on it is everyone laughed at Tim Tebows comment, and no one laughed at Dez comment. It was an attempted joke that didn't really land. End of story.

  23. Unfortunately it is gonna be like that. The four highest-ranked conference champions will be seeded 1-4 with first-round byes. They want to incentivize winning your conference.

  24. Incentivizing winning the conference is getting an autobid to the playoff. Giving them a bye too is too much in my opinion.

  25. K-State is in, they just didn't make the top 4 conference championship cut.

  26. Which doesn't make sense, KSU has 2 losses to playoff teams and Utah lost to 3 non playoff teams. But I just don't like weighting the CCG that heavily. Yea you should get in the playoff, but you don't get a bye with 3 losses when other teams have 1 loss.

  27. He's probably a guy that actually needs to do well at the combine to quell some doubts. He didn't quite have an undeniable body of work like Jamarr Chase

  28. Only thing Chase had on him was TDs. Both saw limited action their freshman season, then exploded for their sophomore seasons. Chase was 84 rec 1780 yds 20 TDs to JSNs 95 rec 1606 yds 9 TDs.

  29. An 11 TD difference isn't some small thing. Also the CFP records he set on the way to a national title. JSN is awesome and could be just as good but he was nowhere near as dominant

  30. Ja'Marr was also only splitting with one 1st Rd receiver. JSN was splitting with two 1st Rd receivers.

  31. The drop off has been wild. Last year he started as a freshman and he was being talked about as a possible future 1st round pick. This year has been nowhere close to that at any point.

  32. Really wish they could have shown OSU walk right buy Alabama

  33. I thought for sure Michigan would have strolled up, TCU bruised and on crutches walking by, and then Ohio State backing up to the gate looking lost.

  34. I think Bama fans are more bearable than my fellow OSU fans most of the time but DAMN do they suck at taking a joke or even beginning to believe that it may just be a down season.

  35. Did you just prove your own point by calling an 11-1 season and playoff appearance a down season?

  36. Or you know, get a degree in the field their school specializes in or only their school offers. Crazy concept, I know.

  37. Egbuka had a pretty good last couple games to end the season, but he's been plagued with the dropsies this season. He's good, but JSN is the best WR in the country. If you put him on the field with Harrison, that's what makes OSU terrifying. Missing JSN makes OSU much easier to manage.

  38. Egbuka put up almost identical numbers to Harrison. What are you even talking about?

  39. Can't run the ball consistently because we can't keep our RB's healthy long enough to get any consistency.

  40. Yea, starting a converted LB at RB and backing him up with a 4th string true freshman is not a good situation to be in.

  41. Nah, Riley just strongly encouraged it. And the USC players probably had more transfer options than CU’s guys.

  42. Well it sounds like some positions at Jackson State are going to be open...

  43. Has all the makings of a disaster. But this sub is praising him in the NIL thread about Colorado lmao

  44. I mean, I would hope you understand you're not seeing the full context of what he said.

  45. Really cool to see all yall Clemson fans talking about him in this way rather than "he sucks, good riddance." Ole Miss fans felt the exact same way about JRP when he got benched for Corral, who was clearly the better qb, and kiffin convinced him to stay an extra yr despite no longer starting. Even had him play receiver in some games at the end where he performed very well, but he wanted to play QB. I was honestly happy as hell for him when he transferred to UCF. We sucked when JRP was our qb, not that it was his fault, but man he was ELECTRIC and such a pleasure to watch on the field. I wanted at least fans of some school to be able to enjoy watching him play and for him to get to play, and UCF was a great fit, with a good coach in Gus Malzahn. It's really cool when we get these situations where everyone wins, the student, the schools, and the fans.

  46. Same as Joe Burrow at Ohio State. He was an Ohio kid and every Buckeye fam wanted to see him get his shot. But they all understood after breaking his hand and not getting the job when he decided to transfer out.

  47. Is it from dragging? My Hammer shoes used to separate cause I'd occasionally drag my toe. My PSO resolved that by trimming the pad back a little so it wouldn't catch if I drug my toe when sliding.

  48. I'm hopeful that the AD is smarter than the fans who were calling for him to be fired and that the pay cut was always the plan. Who were we going to get that would have been better?

  49. Hopefully Gene Smith is smarter than the Ohio State fans calling for Day to get fired. I feel like its the same damn situation, but in half the time Harbaugh had.