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  1. ApolloKage sacrificed his Mafia skills in order to beat Leo and Glutonny it seems.

  2. I don't think AK would have voted to kill Marss regardless given he shot Charles instead

  3. If he played it as badly as he played Town tonight then Town would have won lol

  4. Him beating Gluto isn’t surprising. But no way would anyone predict he would beat Leo in Joker/Snake. Especially in a 3-0.

  5. I bet 2k on AK beating Leo because I thought the momentum from Gluto would carry over and I got 10k back. I went undefeated until I got greedy and bet a little on Aaron with 1:10 odds against Proto

  6. I love how much mileage Naetoru had gotten from grounded Up B in previous sets, how he knew where it was because he used it to recover, and how he refused to use it onstage against Aaron entirely

  7. I like how Charles and Haz are completely thrown off by Tweek's tag but EE has the lore

  8. Man I can't believe this according to ESAM Big D was a better player than Proto

  9. That was the most insane take ever that i genuinely STILL cant comprehend it

  10. And it wasn't even him like accidentally putting them in different categories and not thinking through that he was saying Big D was directly better, chat asked him and he was like "yeah Big D is better" it was so weird

  11. it was lame seeing him throw time and time again just for reddit's entertainment

  12. He's been playing offline for like less than a year what are you talking about

  13. Is it banned from Summit? Genuinely don't know.

  14. No but he said it's too hard to do consistently and he'd rather just play at a different pace

  15. I guarantee you Void came to Summit nearly unprepared to fight Skyjay. Had he been prepared, he was playing a winning matchup.

  16. Honestly I don't think it would change, Skyjay is just the better player

  17. I feel like one thing we as a community need to stop doing is saying "x characters uses Lyn badly because Y" because Lyn's kit is so varied that pretty much no one benefits from everything (except maybe like Kagetsu, but giving a unit that can get by with a weaker Emblem a stronger Emblem is actually bad opportunity cost)

  18. I've lived to play a mainline Fire Emblem game where Lyn is unironically a top tier unit. Bless.

  19. All the base game female Emblems are weirdly short, I don't know why

  20. Besides 20 range Astra Storm, Alcryst is also a much better unit in general

  21. For the people that missed it, Tweek and Leo confirmed they'll do doubles in the future

  22. Im surprised Leo hasnt mentioned Tweek when it comes to people he wants to beat, i wonder if its because theyre on the same org now

  23. I think it is, he said something about Tweek being "his boy" now at the beginning

  24. I have not gotten a single channel point prediction wrong so far lol

  25. Those two for sure, if Tweek shows up this tournament he could be in the running - hes got better wins than Leo this season, and better losses too but Leo has better placements

  26. Nah if Leo isn't even the highest ranked member of his org that's just wrong 💀

  27. Is it even that elusive anymore. Dude loses a ton these days

  28. Only 14 times in history, 7 of them being by Tweek or Shuton. It's not as small as it once was but it's still elite

  29. Dark Wizzy took 2 games (one on Atomsk, one on Riddles). It was Mango at Summit 1 that also took 0 games

  30. Upvoted the shit out of this to confuse people browsing the sub

  31. It's still almost nothing but kill boss like 3H too

  32. And the one map that isn't is an extremely tedious rout map where you don't even get to play with your fun tools.

  33. The issue is that for that to happen every Pokémon with the move must be proven broken. It’s why cyclizer and not shed tail was the ban because Orth was considered really bad at the time. Along with the Legions pure water basculin is also getting non stab last respects. It’s…not that inspiring if I’m being real

  34. Not everything needs to prove they're broken, just a bunch of abusers. Hence why Arena Trap is banned even though Trapinch isn't as bad as Diglett and Dugtrio

  35. Saphir is a fine unit. She comes in a top 5 class with enough SP to grab something busted like Draconic Hex or even just Canter. She comes when you finally get enough deployment slots for you to deploy your whole team which means you probably don't have enough trained units to fill out that roster so she can be decent filler

  36. Who would you put instead? Light is close but Tweek's LMBM is better overall

  37. Tea washes Tweek in the head to head though lol

  38. They've played 3 times (2-1 Tea) and only once post-quarantine which went to Game 5 last stock, and I believe last hit. In a Crew Battle it also only matters if you win a game, not a set. Tweek is perfectly capable of taking games off acola and Tea.

  39. It's really a toss up because like you said, it depends a lot on how Gackt in particular performs. He could take a good amount of stocks with PK Fire reads and PK Thunder 2, or he could completely buster out at only 1 stock taken after getting bullied by a swordie or GnW the whole time.

  40. Tweek/acola sets have both been nailbiters, although there's been a couple games acola dominated

  41. Man, just one day of summit that I wasn’t even able to watch in its entirety and it really struck me how awesome this event series has been and how much it’s going to suck that this is the last one. I hope that we see more summit style events in the future.

  42. I was in class/at work and didn't find out about the Luminosity thing for a couple hours. Only at Summit.

  43. Team Tweek throwing by going all ICs was so worth it I was dying

  44. It’s weird they haven’t brought stuff up but I doubt it sold badly. Without counting it’s digital sales, which these days usually makes up the vast majority of copies, engage was still

  45. Oh I don't doubt it sold well, but it might have been a bigger fall from 3H than expected so they aren't sharing

  46. This is innacurate, I also spend $3600 on candles

  47. I know this is a mistake but it's really funny that Leo and Tweek don't have their sponsor

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