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  1. A dragon can only have one living rider at a time

  2. theyre gonna gaslight seasmoke into believing that laenor is dead. all the other dragons will mourn for laenor which forces seasmoke to believe in the charade as well

  3. its the perfect job for nathan of house fielder. he studied at oldtown and had really good grades

  4. i have seen both portions of that image posted on here multiple times

  5. Just imagine if Viserys just would have let her marry her from the beginning…

  6. if viserys had married laena and daemon had married rhaenyra while alicent marries laenor then everything wouldve worked out splendidly

  7. the heir to the throne just married her uncle, the hat is not odd at all compared to that. i like the hat

  8. If someone told me these were the ancestors of Draco Malfoy I would believe that.

  9. honestly the whole scene where aemond rides vhagar reminded me of harry potter

  10. I was wondering the entire time what their children were thinking! Were they all like, "man were they always this thirsty????"

  11. the kids seem well versed in the targaryan tradition of incest. aemond and aegon were talking about banging their sister so id imagine rhaenyra and daemons kids would be too

  12. Not the problem even while banging his niece at his wife’s funeral and then faking his niece’s husband’s death so he could marry her

  13. The best part of tonight’s episode was the kids.

  14. im with viserys there, those kids need to be playing with legos instead of trying to kill each other

  15. So when Eisenhower gave states free reign to design their interstate systems, who was actually in charge of designing them? what systems do you think they studied and tried to emulate? Which influential American figure did they look to for ideas? Robert Moses was a household name.

  16. and none of that wouldve been possible if eisenhower didnt sign that law lol. thats my point

  17. *and none of THAT would have happened if Robert Moses hadn’t inspired urban planners in those states

  18. and none of that would have happened if eisenhowever hadnt signed the bill lol

  19. its america. nyc is gonna do years of studies and community meetings before deciding to allocate funding to do even more studies and community meetings about that

  20. its true. european families get a fresh batch of steel every few days while americans are forced to haul around a load of steel every few weeks

  21. After (I think) the Sudeikis show, someone made a post saying that they were at the live taping and Aristotle slapped Lorne Michaels. Another person commented that their "source" corroborated it.

  22. lorne was coming right at aristotle, aristotle was just defending himself from unjust provocations

  23. This should just be popular. He's a good personality but terrible sketch performer, you know, the point of the show.

  24. its an extremely popular opinion so its hilarious that the guy thinks its an unpopular opinion lol. its like saying unpopular opinion but the earth is round

  25. It looks like might already have the hosts for Dec 10 and Dec 17 and turned the cards around.

  26. Conservatives like simping for corporations and individualism. That's why the "left" is attacked. I use left very loosely here.

  27. like others have said that doesnt actually preclude conservatives from supporting these things. japan is perhaps the best example here as they are extremely conservative by both american and european standards and politically speaking, the conservative party has ruled the country for almost every year since ww2. yet japan has some of the best urban planning, some of the best trains, and some of the most affordable housing in the developed world. obviously its impossible to emulate japan 1 to 1 but if a conservative country like japan can have dense walkable neighborhoods then why cant america

  28. That's an open question, to be honest. I think most academics at this point are convinced it is over. I think it's more of a matter of which crazy is calling themselves ISIS.

  29. well, isis has always been a terrorist group, it was only in the mid 2010s that they made rapid territorial gains and actually attempted to be a "state" but they got put down a few years later. currently theyre back to being terrorist cells which are notoriously difficult to truly stamp out because of how decentralized they tend to be

  30. Trump dropped the fucking MOAB that’s how they “got put down”. He sent all the bombs their way lol

  31. nah the majority of the work was done by the people on the ground, most of whom were our allies i.e. the kurds or the iraqis

  32. California would have to invest in bike infrastructure in a big way. And it's hard to do, when most of the population avoids biking due to all the cars. Plus, the way cities are built so spread out makes biking and walking more of a chore. Also, people worry biking in the heat might be unpleasant.

  33. most people in california live in the coastal cities where it doesnt actually get as hot as many imagine. the ocean off of california is very cold compared to the east coast and the cold water cools down temperatures inland. the result is that in cities like san francisco, l.a., or san diego, they basically hover at the same temperature year round

  34. I've never actually seen that before. Although I wouldn't be surprised if it's common.

  35. theres an indoor mall in los angeles that has like 5 stories of parking and then 2 stories of actual mall

  36. I mean, this is cool and all, but it doesn't do anything to make the streets any more pedestrian friendly.

  37. you should be happy to know then that newsom signed a bunch of other bills that make the streets more pedestrian friendly, including a bill that forces local governments to develop evidenced based safety plans to design streets for everyone as well as throwing money at grant programs that improve active transportation options

  38. Yeah this seems like a knee-jerk reaction because fuck cars. But jaywalking is incredibly dangerous and if it's not enforced will just make congestion worse. This is a lose lose IMO

  39. i dont think people on here care about car congestion lol

  40. Psst U.S. helps too, but it’s the war that nobody in our media talks about.

  41. thats extremely obvious lol. this article is about germany tho which is why i only mentioned germany

  42. It’s almost funny how different the demographics here on, on twitter everyone was laughing that they did a BeReal sketch while here y’all didn’t even know what that is

  43. theres too many social media platforms to keep track of

  44. Care to elaborate? Or just gonna be intentionally vague?

  45. somebody else in here already did so i didnt bother lol. the difference is that the law newsom just signed only affects jaywalking when its reasonably safe to do so. this was not the case in the law he vetoed

  46. Be prepared for a lot of cops to pull you up and threaten to shoot you for it anyway.

  47. traffic cops dont exist in california outside of dui checkpoints

  48. Sure that may have been the reason behind it, but I wouldn't bet on Venezuela being a major oil producer anytime soon. Venezuela's infrastructure has been decimated by sanctions, and it's had a refugee crisis bigger than Syria or Ukraine. You can't just flip a switch to turn everything back on.

  49. the venezuelan economy shat the bed so badly that maduro had to make some serious reforms to his policies to stop the bleeding. one thing thats become the norm is using us dollars instead of their currency because the dollar doesnt inflate as much as their currency does. with the dollar becoming so strong in recent months i would imagine now is the best time for venezuela to warm up to selling oil to the u.s. again because they want dollars and america loves oil

  50. They have plenty of well-paying advocates and lobbyists though. Behind-the-scenes influence probably played heavily into this release.

  51. the u.s. tends to try to get its citizens released whenever possible. an engineer was abducted by the taliban last year and released a few day ago as part of a prisoner exchange for example

  52. Does this apply only to 2 lane roads? Or does this also apply to 6, 7, or 8 lane stroads?

  53. applies to all non designated crossings. the caveat tho is that it only applies to safe jaywalking rather than if you were to jaywalk across a busy road with cars flying by

  54. apparently it was because they wanted more stability when it gets windy as the engineers back in the day thought that the lighter railcars could tip over during windy days

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