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  1. Absolute horror show with nvidia shield and plex now.. looks like plex is done for good on nvidia shields!

  2. I got mine working again with latest version of the shield experience and hotfix. Still a bit laggy but otherwise working well.

  3. This has just started happening to me for the last couple of days. Hasn't happened previously ever. This is an example of one of the videos that downloads but says 'video not available' and names it that.

  4. It’s been a “feature” of the amazon music app that it doesn’t show the quality of a track when it’s casting. However, if you go to the Alexa app after casting from the Amazon Music app and press play, it should show you what’s playing in your account and from that screen you’ll see the playing quality. I don’t have a Studio so wouldn’t cast a Dolby track, but I would guess the alexa app will show what has been cast as it does with other HD and UHD tracks.

  5. thanks i think you're right. you have to go into the alexa app and if it says 3d, then you've got the spatial settings. changing the settings doesn't work in real time, so you can't just hear the effect turn off/on. when you stop casting and then reconnect with the new settings, you can hear the difference. why they can't just say what audio quality you're casting in the app is beyond me.

  6. Does anyone have time to look at this one for me?

  7. PS: I would also add that that blower, single fan, GPU is noisy (like all single blower cards). I would go with a bigger card, that has 3 fans and a bigger heatsink.

  8. Any chance you can share the link with your edits?

  9. LOL. Surely you can use a website ? if you are not sure what you are doing, read up on the components you want to use.

  10. Ok, saw that sub, I’ll take a look. Just figured it would be easier for both of us to just see the build on the site.

  11. I cleared CMOS and it picked up one stick. When I tried two it picked up both but said bios was corrupted and I needed to flash bios. I did that and it completed the upgrade but then it wouldn’t boot up again. Now the old sticks won’t work either and I can’t get the system to boot at all.

  12. nah it wont reset your upgrade/update, but it will put everything back to default so you'll have to re-do the XMP, fancurves, and anything else you have changed in your bios

  13. I also seem to have another, almost opposite problem. A video shows a stretched AR in potplayer with the default DAR setting but it’s correct in another player. If I change to the recommended AR setting in potplayer it looks right.

  14. Madvr becomes an icon in the corner taskbar area

  15. I'm having this issue too on Windows 10 and the latest version of the app. If I paste in any playlist link it just says error but if I paste in the first link and it asks me if I want to download the whole playlist, it then works.

  16. I'd be more inclined to think it was a problem with the Shield. Mine is just constantly flaky and needing a reboot and most apps are affected one way or another.

  17. I have an attached thumbdrive that I can access fully via X-plore. Weird...

  18. Yes. I have both a Samsung & adata USB tdrives plugged into my Shield, and in Kodi I can open both and access the files on them.

  19. I think the hot fix should have fixed it but in my case it seemed not to. Reinstalling kodi fixed it, though the app, like most of them is crashing constantly. But i also have the issue that after reinstalling I can’t access the .kodi file via smb to restore my backup

  20. fixed it - it's because i wasn't using

  21. I googled what I could find in the logs and I found some results based on that where others seemed to have similar issues, but I couldn’t really understand what action was needed

  22. Being really really busy can help. Your brain can relegate the noise if it’s consumed with other things.

  23. In order to play the next song/video on a playlist in Plex I have to say Siri next and it does it. In a way I suppose that’s easier than pressing next on the remote but I’d still like the option.

  24. Disclaimer: I work at Backblaze and it's my bug.

  25. i just had this issue and the beta fixed it thanks

  26. Disclaimer: I work at Backblaze and wrote some of the code that uses various temporary folders.

  27. thanks for all this. upon further investigation, backblaze wasn't responsible. it was itunes, which is probably the worst product ever made. hopefully this info may help someone in the future.

  28. The soundbar has standalone atmos speakers placed in the ceiling?

  29. given the low % of people who have ceiling speakers but enjoy some form of atmos, I'll respectfully disagree about the relevance of the term

  30. Thats like saying you respectfully disagree that the sky is blue lol. There is no such thing as atmos on a soundbar. There is actual atmos, and then there is fake atmos on stereo headphones. And then there is soundbar atmos, which exists as much as 4k content on a 1080p tv

  31. Hmmm, I’m not sure I’m convinced by what you’re saying.

  32. After the latest update, there seems to be a change, though it isn't working as before. When I downloaded

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