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  1. Selling the potion also boosts my gems tho

  2. B3GG says:

    Selling the clock tower potion is 10 gems.

  3. AQ is not op anymore lol the nerfs have hit her hard

  4. It's interesting to me that the rewards actually get worse the more wins you get. Like, what?? That's never been a thing until recently that I can remember

  5. Its so that more people can get the good rewards. But for some reason they applied it to casual challenges

  6. They use all kinds of shit titles to get attention

  7. In 5 years you will look back on 2023 roblox and say you miss it

  8. No. Iirc it was an event where you could rent helmets from diffrent footbal teams, and when the event ended you were given one of those for each one you rented.

  9. I'm confused if it was rent why did they give you it for free after

  10. That may be fucking true but that doesn't fucking change the fucking fact that are 49 fucking million kangaroos in fucking Australia and 3.5 million fucking people in fucking Uruguay which fucking means if the fucking kangaroos were to fucking invade fucking Uruguay each fucking person would need to fucking fight 14 fucking kangaroos to survive. fuck.

  11. What the fuck is this? The picture is exponentionally more cursed, jesus christ

  12. You should be glad they didn't show where all the stuff in the toilets go

  13. Actually you can. Its called playing daily and doing your quests.

  14. yeah and it also should be legendary but deal 20% damage to crown towers

  15. Ye I have a name suggestion for it maybe like "the log"

  16. ah yeah cause if you had both ccas you would have cca basically every day-

  17. They mean forging with dark elixir. I'm th11 and also suffering from too much dark elixir

  18. Birate was talking vout elixir so I thought the guy was talking about elixir not de

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