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ITZY - Cheshire

C'est magnifique

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ITZY - Cheshire (MV Teaser 2)

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Red Velvet - Birthday

Did someone say... cake?


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  1. surprising that there’s no aespa and TXT in the album division.

  2. I really like that the photos feel like movie stills.

  3. the only artist she’s done a challenge for???

  4. Challenge maybe but on her talkshow she has a segment where she tries to learn small parts of her guests' dance choreo, you could call that a challenge(?) and she had KARA on her this weekend, it's really nice if you have the time to spare

  5. Yeah, I already watched it. I don’t miss Palette actually lol.

  6. Lol we knew this was coming. But do I see a different photoshoot there?

  7. This feels like a filler comeback , hopefully a setup for a world tour and velvet RV3

  8. not a filler comeback but I do hope for a full album and a tour soon as well.

  9. The album is doing well with international fans. I'm more concerned with the K-fans. They were not as receptive to Seulgi's 28 Reasons. How is Birthday doing on the K-charts?

  10. It’s hovering around 30-40s for most platforms except Bugs. GP must not be responding to it well I’m afraid.

  11. 98% of total score on broadcast alone? Wow ok.

  12. Red Velvet is hot and cold same with Itzy lately. SM really is trying to milk the last bit of RV before disbandment or solo ventures. RV was on of the groups that got me back into k-pop but I'm afraid their best days are behind them. Queendom is the last song that people seemed to like here. Birthday has been terrible here. Not surprised they only have 8.5 million views after 3 days when their previous songs would triple that in the same time frame etc. They're just old now and a lot of people have moved on. Still have a decent following but their peak is in the past.

  13. I’m curious when you say Sneakers wasn’t a hit in SK when it charted high in streaming? Also, didn’t FMR do well as well?

  14. Here for this as well. I’m looking at their current comebacks and it is not looking good digitally I’m afraid.

  15. i know they don't normally sell out this fast but realized i will be at dinner w friends during the seventeen season's greetings drop and i am terrified of missing it lol i just want it very much

  16. The first preorder is already sold out in Weverse.

  17. It’s a new sound for them. A bit subdued. I’m glad they continue to have sung choruses.

  18. finally. I almost thought they weren’t going to have one this year.

  19. that is quite a high chorus(I think?). I am curious how the SK GP will respond to this since it’s a bit darker sound.

  20. It’s going to take a few more listens but the only thing I didn’t like is the rap in the first verse. the Rhapsody in Blue sample as shown in the teaser works well. The beat in the prechorus is so good too.

  21. Exactly. And if you are the majority of the writing and production, why WOULDN’T you give yourself some good parts? Her voice is very unique and very integral to g-idle’s sound.

  22. Woozi in Seventeen doesn’t give himself the most or even the best parts though.

  23. I am liking that instrumentation. Anyone know if that is the Rhapsody in Blue sample already?

  24. STAY, since it really connects well to STRAY. That was clever.

  25. I read somewhere that all music shows are going to be cancelled in Korea because of the world cup… right before our girls’ comeback. Can somebody confirm if this is true or not? I feel like nothing ever goes right with red velvet’s promotions and there’s always something in the way. We deserve birthday live stages and I reallly hope we get them.

  26. Music Bank will still be airing next week. They already showed the Red Velvet promo.

  27. I hope they release the packaging details soon. It will determine how many copies of the photobook versions I’ll preorder. Lol.

  28. good for them. looks like they’re on the way to getting a first win next week as well with Show Champion and possibly Music Bank.

  29. I’m not a Loona fan but BBC’s reasons seems made up. They’re sabotaging her and covering their asses.

  30. Expelled from China!? Like where is he going to go after?

  31. That kitsch description has me worried a bit.

  32. On a related note, I found out that they are doing selfie photocard POBs with different shops. Is this like a first for Red Velvet (or SM even)? Usually they’ll just have one with their own SM global shop only.

  33. Red Velvet taking the Cake Girls nickname seriously it seems.

  34. I hope they have a different concept for the digipacks. I wonder how different the album photos will be to the MV aesthetic.

  35. I like it for the most part but that chorus is a bit generic, tbh.

  36. I am so done with the SKZ shop. It’s almost 2 months and I still don’t have my signed albums. Earlier this month they said they gave the package to Fedex and yet the status remains as label created. I don’t believe they actually gave it for shipment.

  37. this happened to me too! i didn’t get my albums until a week ago and i only got them because i would email customer services once every 2-4 days.. i suggest you do the same and ask for the status of ur package as well!

  38. I have but they haven’t replied in almost 10 days.

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