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  1. No.. it’s a lot longer acting and there is no noticeable crash. Concerta to me has peaks and valleys. Foquest is smooth sailing.

  2. Is there a difference in the active ingredients(methylphenidate) or is it just the time-release that makes it work/feel different?

  3. Last week I was so sleep deprived that I kept seeing my cat out of the corner of my eye. When I bent down to pet him, there was nothing there. I did this multiple times 😂

  4. I said earlier Kim should have full custody and was downvoted but I stand by it.

  5. It is because you and the baby are their patient, not your husband.

  6. Reason for report: I’m in this post and I don’t like it!

  7. I just showed my partner my writing on meds and off side by side and he was like “how is that even possible” loll

  8. That's a tough one. Putting plastic on cardboard means the cardboard isn't recyclable or compostable, so the volume of garbage is similar to a purely plastic item. But the cardboard will probably break down at some point, and plastic won't.

  9. FK consumers. It's 99% the consumers fault, and this is coming from a man who despises capitalism!! Yes, companies produce this absolute toxic garbage which is terrible, they shouldn't, but if people just bloody stopped buying this junk the company wouldn't! It's that easy ppl.

  10. The Dumb and Dumber version says if that diamond ring don’t shine, and I think a lot of people are exposed to that song from that movie.

  11. Like what? What other mental health issue is driven primarily by dopamine dysregulation?

  12. Depression and schizophrenia, probably others. There’s even already a Dopamine Dysregulation Syndrome already

  13. Depression and schizophrenia are not ‘caused’ by dopamine misregulation… There are many things that cause depression in people who regulate dopamine fine

  14. I never said they were the cause only that other mental health problems can have dopamine issues. Plus yeah there’s already a dopamine disregulation syndrome so that would cause confusion

  15. Hahaha maybe! I'm Asian though and my darling mother in law recently said I should cut down on walking so much because of my "elephant calves"

  16. Same, it took about a year postpartum to even feel my strength somewhat returning but then I went and got pregnant again so it's going to be another uphill battle after that.

  17. You’d be surprised. Muscle memory can be amazing and kids can boost your physical strength.

  18. I was getting g so frustrated at my partners depression, health issues and general stress he was feeling. He’s had a very difficult year. He went on sick leave and is a totally different person. It really turned out to be a great decision for me and our family.

  19. Shared room was fine. The lady I was with had HG so she was sick a lot. No other babies in the room. My bed was broken and there were two unused beds and idk why they didn’t get me a proper bed. It was very difficult to nurse and grab the baby myself so I had to keep buzzing them to help me. Getting up was also a huge challenge because of the bed. I guess that doesn’t have much to do with the room sharing though. The lady I was with was very quiet except the getting sick part. She was a little nosey but not so bad.

  20. I’m so sorry you’re going through this OP!

  21. Exactly. My current partner listened to podcasts about adhd without my prompting and gave me suggestions on how to stress him out less and take care of myself more.

  22. She totally new that Daphne did not accidentally show her the wrong picture. She stared at it too long to not notice the kids look nothing like Cam.

  23. It’s a grandma thing… they always think baby is too cold and usually they won’t listen. My mom and MIL were fussing about this in the hospital. My baby was just chilling asleep in her swaddle. I was like idk she seems completely fine?

  24. Anyone who doesn’t know he’s a complete piece of shit knows nothing about his life before he got into politics.

  25. 😂 you may notice there’s no tree yet because its his first Christmas and I’m still trying to figure out how I can prevent him destroying it

  26. My cat likes to climb but isn’t interested in the tree so you might luck out. However the ornaments are out of his reach lol

  27. Good call! I definitely feel people out/stereotype a bit too. I just wonder why they don’t just ask me to help them pick what they might like? The pleasure I get from making it has nothing to do with anything

  28. I thought it was very bizarre they dismissed the other unsolved stabbing incidents in WA and OR so quickly.

  29. It’s funny because the actress picks her own outfits and says she tries to pick things that look great on their own and then intentionally combine them with other things that look great on their own, but that together they are terrible. She says she wants Portia to be trying and failing at being trendy.

  30. Weirdly, this is about the only case in which the casting worked with the intent of the source material (given the Major was in a body she didn't recognize as her own).

  31. Yeah I thought the race of the character was purposefully ambiguous because it was an amalgamation of NYC and Tokyo. Could’ve still chosen an Asian actress ofc but that’s why I think they made that decision

  32. I have never thought about it that way thanks. I actually stopped painting because my accidents haunt me

  33. That’s where the creativity and beauty is. Nature is beautiful because of its improbabilities and asymmetry.

  34. Hey! Last night I had a dream about a cat with the same coloration, every time I would pick it up it would claw the shit out of me, like anime style. Everyone in the room would then go "aww he loves you!", and I would reply "aww he does love me, doesn't he!"

  35. Sounds like you dreamed about my cat lol he’s a tabby and expresses his love through violence

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