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  1. Big Bill needs a last name. It has no ring to it, it's not memorable. Like white bread. Just add Morrissey to the end and that's at least kinda interesting.

  2. Big Bill is meh. Big Bill Morrissey is great. I need JR to speak that into existence like he did with Jack Perry.

  3. This exactly. he said that one promo discredited everything WCW did and buried Booker T who at the time was the WCW champion.

  4. I remember watching it live and thinking the exact same thing. He was right.

  5. WCW was good at that. Didn't the Streak end with the taser and the NWO split with the finger poke of doom?

  6. As a huge Hall and Nash mark, I loved the taser spot at the time.

  7. I think it's hilarious. I'm almost certain he's trolling at this point and they must have a big laugh about it backstage. I think he even had a shirt on a couple weeks back that said something like "blood is beautiful". These reactions just fuel it further.

  8. Username checks out. Well done, Annatar.

  9. Easy peasy. Gimli all the way. Two words: Malt Beer. Plus you know he's got the hookup on that Old Toby from his Hobbit homies.

  10. He was talking about the event of Danielson becoming champion. It's a kayfabe answer.

  11. CONTEXT, PEOPLE. Pin this shit to the top.

  12. Watching matches high is the best. I’m just along for the ride without worrying about trying to peak behind the curtain too much.

  13. This is the way. SO much more enjoyable.

  14. Ah, my baby. I LOVE mine. Not just a "beginner" smoker either. I don't plan on replacing mine at all.

  15. Reading the summary made me laugh multiple times. That is why I love comics and why I also wouldn’t recommend that issue to anyone I know. It’s so stupid and over the top but hilarious.

  16. Ned uses a smaller sword in battle. In the book and I think the show too, the mention Ice is too big to actually take into battle unless youre a huge person. I know in Fire And Blood they mention Cregan performed excecutions with it, but itd kinda be cool if Cregan is a massive hulking troll of a man cause… like… his mom was an Umber or something, mean and not handsome like Ned and Robb, and actually uses Ice in battle.

  17. I always pictured in my head the Northern armies going to battle and Ned bringing Ice and letting the GreatJon just wreck shit with it since he's actually big enough to wield the thing.

  18. Dude it’s just a fight, we’re not trying to KILL the other guys. 😂

  19. Talk about overkill. No need to massacre the whole bar here.

  20. This is the correct answer. I chose Eddie kingston but now that I think about it he would probably be the one that started the fight.

  21. Yeah, I chose Eddie too but didn't think of that. Eddie would probably be willing to go farther than anyone else to win the fight and probably has the most experience in bar fights, but he's just as likely to start it in the first place.

  22. It's really about you and what attitude you have going into it. It's not the films. It's not the novels. It's entirely its own thing, taking liberties with the lore, but that's any adaptation ever.

  23. Fair. But who’s it gonna be? Hulkster isn’t leaving without closing a deal

  24. Road Dogg. Seems like that would be right up his alley.

  25. Probably late to this take but this made me realize that Vince is 100% going to show up on RAW 30

  26. Uh you mean Raw is XXX. I that's not vintage Vince, I don't know what is.

  27. There it is. I love tons of other beers but man if I only had one for the rest of forever then this is it.

  28. Hot Take but I think a John Stewart/Kyle Rayner combination would be better than seeing Hal/John.

  29. Fuego Del Swole getting jacked to find whoever killed Fuego II

  30. They'll probably release his son, who'll end up going to AEW.

  31. And keep Regal under contract. That's just the brand of spite Vince specializes in.

  32. For me it's more about the huge amount of wrestling history wwe owns. I'd rather it go to a wrestling nerd like Tony over Disney or some shit

  33. Hell, I want Tony to be able to integrate that history in AEW.

  34. Yeah, if I'm waking up as Bobby B, likely the first order of business is to kick out all the whores and find some hair of the dog for this pounding headache. Then I'll head down to have a nice, greasy breakfast and plan out my day. Looks like it's drinking and whoring again!

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