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  1. Right? It seems like Barrie is one of those parts of the world that wants to regress.

  2. From the article. Exempt from the bylaw would be yards and gardens intended to promote naturalization, pollination or rejuvenation.

  3. Last I heard they are still looking for bands to perform.

  4. I'm pretty sure that call is looking for a local band to be the opening act. The headliner goes on after them.

  5. Correct, but still no headliner announced as yet.

  6. Dick Delaware was on an episode of Intervention. He was featured for his addiction crystal meth, porn and mastubation.

  7. Watch out for the bagged newspaper that gets dumped on the driveway every Wednesday evening/Thursday.

  8. Some good information here regarding rat control:

  9. Yup. Heard them last night too. It started around 1:30am ish. I think they were on Livingston E.

  10. Im naming three. The whole cast is fantastic but these three are the standouts; Alexander Vlahos as Philippe d'Orleans, George Blagden as Louis XIV, and Tygh Runyan as Fabien Marchal in Versailles.

  11. Husband had that happen. He called the helpline number. They fixed the problem quickly.

  12. i like the semantic wordplay by using “constituents” instead of just people of barrie or people in general because you know he hates people suffering with houselessness or addiction, or with his interest in Faith Goldy, i guess anyone who isn’t white?

  13. He sent out a flyer a while back when the talks of a consumption site started for Barrie. It had a "think of the children!" feel. Trying to provoke fear.

  14. There's an email link at the bottom. Maybe ask through there.

  15. BulkBarn has Stash teas. Not sure about the flavor you're looking for though.

  16. Bring on the downvotes from loud vehicle people. But this is funny.

  17. Look up tornado alley Barrie. Lots of information on this. Yes we are in the alley. Particularly the south end.

  18. Link please I google that and kept getting official tornado alley

  19. City council discussed this earlier this year.

  20. I don't know if this will help. But here's a couple of links for geared to income rentals. I hope you're able to find something suitable soon.

  21. The variegated leafed plant is an evergreen shrub called Euonymus japonicus.

  22. Weed hound. Available at home hardware or Canadian tire. I have two of them. One for the front yard and one for back yard. Hands down the best.

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