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AITA For Not Wanting To Help Pay For My Friend's Wedding?

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  1. I was just accepted and was actually looking through reddit for posts about it haha! For the spring internship, can it be paid and for academic credit? Or is it just for credit?

  2. UNC no brainer, instate school w good reputation

  3. not dating him anymore, but my first bf and i tried long distance in college. we would sometimes facetime each other in the shower (propped my phone on a shelf and thoroughly disinfected it after lol). sometimes i'd be facing the other way and then turn around to see him looking at me. other times we'd have a contest to see who could blow the biggest soap bubble. too bad the relationship ended pretty badly :/

  4. Is your tuition paid for by your parents or by a scholarship? Your parents or scholarship (or even you if you're paying for college) aren't paying for you to fuck off here.

  5. Racial minorities (at least in the US) CAN be racist. Does systemic racism exist against White ppl? No. But individual racism against White ppl certainly exists and some BIPOC try to excuse it and it's embarrassing.

  6. We don't need to discover a new sexuality every week. It seriously has to stop somewhere. - sincerely, a bi person

  7. walked by it around 6am on Tues ... was barely awake and didn't realize it was pasta smh

  8. as someone who is from Baltimore and is relatively familiar w the area it's in, I loled

  9. I know the area as well and he always talks about how much fun he had there idk why but maybe it’s because he grew up in Miami and it’s kinda similar

  10. Miami?? Baltimore and Miami have two completely diff vibes (at least to me)😂

  11. honestly shocked i havent seen Notre Dame on here - and only saw UMich once lol

  12. sry I'm unfamiliar - what is Mission 😅 is it an area in SF?

  13. damn really? I looked at the pictures online and it seems pretty - why don't you think its worth it?

  14. If there's no sort, I don't really know why it would behave that way. Have you firgured it out?

  15. no its rly weird. i submitted an IT request on notion so idk lol

  16. That’s weird, do you have some sort of relations or roll ups in there? Kinda new to notion but I’m using a similar setup with a board view for my weekly tasks. Mine doesn’t do this..

  17. not that i'm aware of... it used to not do this and when it first started doing it i would just reset my laptop and it worked, but now it doesnt. i contacted their IT or whatever tho, hopefully they can help lol

  18. well you're shooting yourself in the foot if you're just in your room all the time first off

  19. hi fellow baltimorean! i've actually never seen a post from bmore on this sub before haha. what type of plant is the one behind your dog in the first picture (all the way on the left)? i see you have a kitty too :)

  20. Hey neighbor! We actually have three cats lol, just Sebastian was around for the shoot.

  21. do your cats ever try to eat it? ive been wanting to get one myself for a bit but sometimes my cat chews on my spider plant (which is safe for her but idk if shed chew a philodendron)

  22. I believe that’s true but also really hate the idea of being dependent on medication or dealing with any of its side affects. I have the option open if I move out and find that it really is unmanageable for me but it is certainly the last thing I want to do

  23. I used to be like you, as I have a dad who had severe problems with alcohol and drug abuse, so I didn't even want to touch meds. I restarted therapy about 2 years ago and have been on antidepressants since October 2022 after discovering i have anxiety and depression. I am lucky that the first med I tried worked for me (after a week of bad side effects lol) and I can say they definitely help. as radiant chipmunk said, you're really doing yourself a massive disservice. you're knocking out solutions without even giving them a shot.

  24. a "maybe" every single time. have some self respect and leave.

  25. But then they and everyone else there would miss out on seeing me, just as I would miss out on seeing them, which doesn’t seem fair at all.

  26. you're not even a Ph.D student - girl get your head out of the mf clouds. idk what world you live in but you're not a doctoral candidate until you're writing your dissertation aka toward the END of getting your degree, and you haven't even APPLIED to programs? get the hell out of here

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