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  1. Most of the myths in the Bible did not originate there. Most of the common ones have roots in religions from hundreds of years BC.

  2. That is very impressive. Also if I’m only three stories off I’m giving myself half credit.

  3. Two points for a reference that clever and because I laughed out loud. Minus one because the reference was to The TV Movie That Shall Not Be Named. Result: one full upvote. 😂

  4. Hi not relevant to the above comment but when you say whatsapp fo you mean the web version. I can't seem to mirror it on my S8+ tab. It keeps saying install whatsapp. I can't find a web whatsapp for tablet

  5. Do you know you have rights? The Constitution says you do! So do I!

  6. $500 per month?! EACH??!! Can I be your wife, too?

  7. Somewhere out there, an angry Welshman is thinking of you

  8. What if the flag said “I love men shagging me up the arse and I reciprocate”? Doesn’t send a great message to the community at large does it?

  9. Cotton is the funniest character on the show. I like him more than 90% of the characters on the show.

  10. Bang, I either mildly agree or fully agree on all of them.

  11. Eventually I think you’ll find that He's Arnold, Arnold, Arnold Rimmer, Without him life would be much grimmer.

  12. Lovely cup of beans, especially with a sausage in there like a flake!

  13. OP, I'm sure the show is dead to your family, but you've seen over 70% of the uncomfortable moments now - in 5 series there's only a few (maybe 5?) scenes that hit your criteria.

  14. Love this question-when I read the book it was like I imagined Bob as Hank. It was just so easy to visualize him playing that role. So so excited to watch!!!!!

  15. Hey Bob, appreciate everything you've ever done (including that amazing cameo in Arrested Development!)

  16. It's a work of art. The first season is relatively slow compared to what comes next, but not a frame is wasted.

  17. Also, a lot of the worst ones. They got lazy and switched to relying on sex jokes. Anyone can do that, futurama was special for everything else.

  18. I've seen them all multiples times, but last night I started on s6 again.

  19. Will do! Can't wait for it to cycle to finally add some ricefish

  20. I would've run like Sean Connery in The Last Crusade

  21. I guess it's a general manufacturing defect.

  22. The company I work for wanted to put out a bi-weekly update, and I insisted that they don't, as not enough happens to do a newsletter twice a week.

  23. The Human Centipede🤷🏻‍♂️🤣

  24. Close to my favourite two parter (outside of some Moffat belters). That's a shame.

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