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  1. I've been buying the Caputo deglutinized wheat flour and making my own crust. I have to par bake it and add some olive oil to it to make it brown but it comes out pretty good.

  2. I was swooped on last year and since then, I am truly scared of these birds. Every time I walk by them I say “I’m just walking by, I don’t mean any harm, please don’t hurt me”. These birds are SCARY, lol.

  3. Bring some low carb tortillas and make sandwiches from the local meats and cheeses. Bring some protein shakes with you as backup.

  4. Many people find it is difficult to train when you start keto but once you become fat adapted you are fine. So you might want to either get into the groove on your training and then start keto once that isnt kicking your butt or put off the traing while you adjust to keto.

  5. DM me with details. I know somebody looking for a new camera

  6. ChatGPT has been pretty good and creating menus that fit specific macro profiles. You can even tell it foods to include and avoid based on preferences or allergies or just what's in your fridge.

  7. Whatever you do don't take them to Orgocorp or the High Evolutionary

  8. Can somebody help me understand why you would want to do this with your coffee? What's the advantage other than added fat? Is it just to take the edge off of hunger?

  9. Well it definitely changes the mix of bacteria in your gut biome.

  10. Are you going more or less cold turkey on carbs, without a gradual tapering period?

  11. I had the same problem at work outings. It's just too hard/rare for most places to make low carb food - I just take the normal food and don't eat the carb part (sandwhiches without bread etc).

  12. I usually bring my own low carb tortillas to reconstruct my sandwich

  13. Depends. Which doctor were you referred to? There is no central list of all patients that doctors pull from.

  14. Ok, I wasn’t sure. I’m not sure her name but I requested the dr in Kanata.

  15. You can call the Drs Office and ask how long their wait list is.

  16. Workers who don't have a workplace pension can negotiate a correspondingly higher wage. because their employer isn't paying into a pension. There's no fundamental difference between a lower wage with a pension and an equivalent higher wage without a pension, because the RRSP exists.

  17. As we've seen recently the workers in the best position to nego image higher wages are those in the public sector who have among the richest pensions in the country. Their wage increases also increase the tax burden on the entire nation.

  18. What are some other cheeses that are good for NY style cheese pizzas? I've been following a more traditional recipie with low moister mozz & reggiano, sometimes with some fake kraft parmesan sprinkled on top for more saltiness.

  19. In North America, within a given brand, the bread flour will have more protein than the AP flour, and the AP flour will have more protein than the cake flour.

  20. Thanks for the explanation. I think that your info on hydration explains some of what I'm seeing in my dough.

  21. Looks like you are only getting 18% protein? What's your macros in grams?

  22. I recently read an article about how your gut biome affects your taste buds and if you don't eat something for a while the gut biome flora that thrives on that food does off and can change your taste preferences. They said it ac take quite a few meals with the food fo repopulate the flora and redevop the taste.

  23. Thank you! I’m not currently losing any weight, I’ve been at the same weight for a couple months. I have the last 2/3lbs I’d like to get rid of but I understand at my age and weight that will be slow going. I’m doing keto mostly for health reasons. What’s a recomp? (And I’m 5’9 not 5’8 if that makes a difference)

  24. Why is the actual weight your goal? There are lots of variables that affect your weight. Especially when you get to very low BF% numbers weight can be influenced more by things like muscle mass, bone mass and frame size.

  25. If you don't want it just put it in you black bin

  26. How do you shape 100% hydration dough? It would be like pancake batter.

  27. Tangzhong! I heated 100g of flour in the water to 65 degrees celsius. Then mixed in the rest of the flour some day later. The heating changes the viscosity of the dough and makes it possible to handle very high hydration.

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