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  1. but in their example case i will have prearranged and agreed with Australia that I can go there

  2. So how do you claim asylum in the UK if you're from, for example, Syria? It's all well and good saying that people should pre-arrange their asylum claim, but that has never been a requirement and many people even fleeing war simply do not have any way to do that.

  3. According the article, the government said they'd cover it

  4. The government saying they'll cover it is a far cry from them actually covering it.

  5. Sport has to be a level playing field. There is an argument for a trans category added but not allowing trans athletes in the women's category is sensible.

  6. Is sport strictly about fairness? Or is it about finding peak human performance and entertainment for those who watch it?

  7. Such a shame. It's so clear that the concerns that the public had were not with what the GR bill actually would effect, and it wouldn't cost anything for Starmer to point that out.

  8. Fascism is a very specific set of tenants embraced by a government or political party.

  9. Given that there were already laws in place that made those protests illegal, it absolutely is an authoritarian overreach akin to fascism to criminalise protest more under the guise of needing to do it to stop something that is already illegal.

  10. Do you think the UK should develop a national ID card like EU countries have? I'm fairly certain that's a huge motivating factor for these people. They can disappear in the UK much easier than in the EU.

  11. So why do more people stay in countries like France and Germany?

  12. She is eligible for Bangladeshi citizenship

  13. Being able to apply for a citizenship isn't the same as already having that citizenship.

  14. And the solution, naturally, is to bring her back here and let her groom more people in prison!

  15. No no no, the solution is to let her continue living in a place where we she is completely free to groom anyone she wants rather than being under constant surveillance! That's a much better idea!

  16. The plans to cut groups such as the BBC singers is so short-termist and poorly thought out it is just ridiculous. Most people don't realise how much groups like the BBC singers do and how much their services are in demand, so the BBC most likely will end up shelling out more money hiring the same people to come in as freelancers, but without any of the loyalty or prestige of having an official BBC singers group.

  17. I could have misunderstood, the replies seem to suggest that it's fine for parties to create these forms and send them in for you, BUT the form itself says the information provided "will only be used by the Conservative Party... we will not give information to anyone else". So the party actually using these forms to register someone for a postal vote could be a GDPR breach?

  18. No, you've understood correctly; that is where the confusion is at the moment, and what the EC haven't responded to.

  19. i just dont buy it. surely the reason most of these people would want independence in the first place is because they think the country would be better run that way i.e the tories have been doing a shit job. so why go back to the tories if they did such a shit job and would want to rejoin?

  20. Even though there are a lot of people who want independence on the basis of disliking the Tories, a lot of people want independence because of deeper reasoning.

  21. i think youre a bit off the mark to suggest that getting rid of the tories is not a significant driving factor for support for independence. while its true that its not the only factor, i think its certainly true that it is one of the more significant factors.

  22. I'm not saying that it's not a significant factor, sorry if I've come across like that but that's not what I'm saying. I'm pointing out that it's not the major factor for a lot of independence supporters, and that a lot of independence supporters are small "c" conservatives that would align with the Tories more than other parties if independence was no longer an issue. And I did this to support the point that independence does not remove the Tories from the picture in Scotland.

  23. Yeah, that's really safe, isn't it. Galloping horses on public streets.

  24. Good thing they weren't galloping then, isn't it...

  25. I don't think it's either and that's a bit the problem. Same policy ideas and vibe, except LDs like EU more. I'll vote for them but unsure why many outside key seats where LDs hold or are in with a big chance of winning would go for LDs over Labour

  26. There's a lot of similar vibes, but also a lot of policy that differentiates the parties that doesn't necessarily fit neatly into the left/right spectrum.

  27. Often what happens is the council rejects those large developments but they get approved on appeal by some judge in London. That’s happened on all the big developments that have happened around my way. It kind of makes the whole planning system pointless if they can just donate some money to the Tory party and then suddenly the appeal decision goes in their favour.

  28. Doesn't even have to be a judge IIRC, the developer can just appeal to central government to get permission for their big developments that the local council voted against.

  29. And then if the majority opinion changes, we would have democratically decided against the colour purple.

  30. Well that must be why the Lib Dems cleaned up in 2019.

  31. I never said that irrational populism isn't an effective political strategy...

  32. The SNP may have called for one, but here was no second vote on brexit, so the precedent has been set. The SNP should never have called for a second vote. They should have focused on either getting Scottish opt outs or on indy. They were trying to stop the biggest asset for independence they had been handed in decades. Morons.

  33. Deliberately chasing to put more blocks in the way of independence is also rubbish. 👌

  34. If independence relies on weaker and less democratic processes in order to get through, then it is not worth it at all.

  35. I know, I worked at a cooking school. But the colloquial term is "egg poacher".

  36. Yeah i don't know why you're being downvoted so hard. They are known as egg poachers despite them not actually poaching eggs. That's just what they are called, because humans and language can be weird sometimes.

  37. The point is the product it produces aren't poached eggs.

  38. And yet this tool is still known as an egg poacher by many people.

  39. How is it a democracy when people in Europe can’t vote on the leaders in charge of the EU? Total lie.

  40. Democracy takes many forms. Not being able to have a direct vote on the EU president doesn't make it not democratic. Similarly, in the UK we vote for our local MP specifically, not for our Prime Minister, but that doesn't mean we're not a democratic country.

  41. Whereas nationalism and ethnostates never led to anything bad...

  42. as someone with a 3d resin printer, I have significant concern on how you manage to have so many spare bottles.

  43. My office has a resin 3D printer. I'm not surprised at all by the amount of IPA.

  44. im not surprised by the amount of IPA he uses (though he seems to be a consumer, not an industrial applicant), i'm concerned where he's leaving the IPA.

  45. I just re-read your comment, it seems I skipped over the "spare" in your original comment.

  46. Not speaking French and having family overseas are not reasons to claim asylum, they're reasons to immigrate (and at that point, the UK is under zero moral obligation to admit them).

  47. They are reasons to claim asylum in the UK over France.

  48. Those are absolutely personal reasons to do it. But they’re not relevant to grounds for asylum, is the point.

  49. I didn't say they were relevant to the actual asylum claim.

  50. Well put. Forbes is more appealing to the general electorate in Scotland, she’s one of the few that could attempt to make a credible economic case for an independent Scotland. If you want independence she would be your best bet not more of the same

  51. What is it about Forbes' non-progressive beliefs means she's got a credible economic case for independence?

  52. Very good interview, but not sure this is the right sub for it tbh

  53. You’re correct. They are less efficient due to the weight.

  54. And therefore they do not pollute exactly the same amount.

  55. I agree with you that my comment is incorrect and I corrected it.

  56. You are absolutely the one who decides how to correct it. My comment was by no means an order to you.

  57. We're not asking you to debunk them, we are presenting them as examples of her bigotry.

  58. One in which someone can only be a bigot if they say bigoted things or act in a bigoted way towards people.

  59. She has done so, but you refused to look at the examples given to you because too many were given to you in one go...

  60. See remoaners, this is why we brexited! To... kill more bees...

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