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  1. He shouldn't, he's looking out for his friend.

  2. He's cracking badly, and yeah its funny he blew up at this so hard because they're clearly holding his hand through the whole thing. The way he holds his fingers like an anime character is so gay lol

  3. You all should check out the comment on that youtube video. It's like he hired out an entire troll farm. Insanity.

  4. You all should check out the comment on that youtube video. It's like he hired out an entire troll farm.

  5. Apparently it pissed him off too from what I’ve been reading

  6. Aww, I was hoping for a follow up... :'(

  7. I’m not selling any, it’s for personal use :))

  8. I think you can sell it if you say you're a hoe for trader joe instead. Not the store, just the founder.

  9. That looks like a stunt gone wrong. Clearly the guy aproaching could have steered away earlier. They were probably intending to join up, just not like that. Approaching guy came in too high.

  10. Approaching guy was totally at fault because the other guy couldn't see him.

  11. Imagine hooking up with someone at that concert and when you go home with them you discover that they peed themselves.

  12. This is very illegal btw. Booby trapping...

  13. What about fake booby traps. Are they illegal?

  14. Well, if who ever made that video actually did what it looks like they're doing.

  15. I wish I could hold you in my arms.

  16. My favorite part about this post is the juxtaposition next to

  17. Changed what? Hinge+ features are the exact same things as preferred in the past and it added the sort filters for discover and likes. Something isn’t downgraded when nothing has been taken away.

  18. Hinge x users are taking priority away from you, thus downgraded.


  20. Because I was very confused.... And google/quicken wasn't able to answer the question for me.

  21. It is a desktop software option, that has a renewable subscription each year. If you don't subscribe, I believe you can still use the program, just not the online functions (downloading from institutions) or get the software updates.

  22. I like your analysis. Very well done!

  23. Could this not cause ear damage? I don't see any issue with the nose, but not the ears...

  24. The only thing that's asinine here is your attitude, which reeks of entitlement. If you only want to pay for software once, that's fine. but the price to pay is that it will only be supported for a few years and will lose all ability to communicate with the ever-changing world after that time.

  25. A new company file, sure. Web connected, not so much. That’s what all the fuss has been about lately. Intuit wants to phase out support of older QB formats. So you can create a new company but it’s going to be a manual process to record everything. This it NOT a bad scenario. It’s not that difficult to manually record transactions.

  26. I don't know how, but I'm still able to get web connect to work with .qbo files. I would simply disconnect from the internet when opening up the program. But this didn't seem to work after I created a new company. Yet, I'm still able to on the original company.

  27. Absolutely he should. In the moment, there's literally no telling the difference between a real robbery and a prank. What if the guy defended himself better and the prankster got killed? People like this need to be charged with the equivalent crime they're mimicking.

  28. When Trump goes to trial about those classified documents, his lawyers can just tell the judge, don't worry bro, it was just a prank. They'll all laugh, no hard feelings.

  29. Is there a standard treatment for someone who presents to the hospital having a very bad mushroom experience? (Assuming they're not on any other medications)

  30. Conservative management / supportive care which is basically watching and waiting until it goes away. There isn’t a medication or treatment to shorten the duration of the trip. Sometimes meds for anxiety or agitation if appropriate and can’t safely go home.

  31. Would 1 mg of klonopin taken orally be regarded as a safe medication to take during such a situation for anxiety and agitation? Or are there other medications that are more standard practice?

  32. We have the same floors.

  33. I feel like I'm not getting the whole story here...

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