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  1. The little buttons are tungsten carbide. That is a drill bitt

  2. Points added for poppers nails being done Points added for the slightly cruddy safety pin used Points added for lighting

  3. Suddenly I want to buy a PlayStation 2

  4. It’ll come back, you need to get the sac out

  5. Anyone remember the dude that scraped out his nose blackheads with a butter knife?

  6. Sterilize a needle and poke a drain hole in the side of the blister first. You’ll lose the video drama, but it’ll be a lot easier on your finger, and it’ll leave more of your skin intact to help protect the healing area underneath

  7. I thought we all agreed to not compare contents to food. That's why I can't watch Dr. Pimple popper anymore.

  8. Haven’t you heard? Even the Supreme Court is just doing whatever they feel like after already rendering decisions.

  9. Before she popped it I thought maybe steatocytoma, but cyst is my bet. Unfortunate that it didn't look like a sac came out, may just refill again.

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