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  1. Customer saying I had porn star tits while I was working at a pet supply store.

  2. Does your local area's water source post updates online?

  3. I'm finally booked for the surgery! D-day will be at the end of August:)

  4. It's a slower burn than with a man and I like that.

  5. In terms of things that have developed into ongoing arrangements (I don't do hook-ups), the count is...

  6. I've never had any erections when lifting. There's only so much blood in me and it's needed elsewhere.

  7. How often does the equipment get in the way of day-to-day activities?

  8. The penis is more on the front than the bottom so it's rare for it to be an issue.

  9. All of it, but more specifically I love breasts, and I love dick. I love sucking dick, and I love P in the V.

  10. Well I have breasts and a dick so that's great lol

  11. You are my dream girl. That is if you are into older chicks with blue hair.

  12. I am lol. I love being with someone older. Would you like to DM?

  13. Maybe I'm just weird but I'm always bra first and then panties.

  14. Body waste and liquids (scat, pee, vomit, blood), and all age play involving children stuff. I don't care about trauma, no diapers are allowed in the bed and I'm not wearing spongebob panties to feed your kiddie kink

  15. What about wearing SpongeBob panties to feed my SpongeBob kink?

  16. I (30 f) have this sexual fantasy where a psycho prison warden mistakes me for a criminal, kidnaps me from my home, takes me to his prison and then electrocutes me in the electric chair.

  17. Have you considered committing a murder or another capital crime?

  18. I get a few but it's normally from people treating me as a fetish.

  19. I love the idea of being collared and paraded outdoors (at a kink meetup or something!). I enjoy obviously being under someone's control and thinking about everyone ogling me.

  20. Much earlier in life I’d be worried, but after early college experiences, I’ve become much more confident with my body and okay with it being seen

  21. The initial sort of crux that was the biggest change was skinny dipping with friends at a pool at a house of theirs. Lots and lots of nerves at first but settled in quickly after finally giving in. Plenty else from those early experiences that led to that change, though.

  22. I guess I'd find how far my friends would really go for me.

  23. Ok, that makes sense. I was thinking humiliation/degradation kink. Like some dude jerking it going "fuck yeah 60 downvotes, so hot."

  24. "Report me to Reddit Mental Health Services. Oh fuck..."

  25. The scene where a character has to relinquish their weapons, and they pull out a comically large number of guns from every gap in their clothing.

  26. Did you ever see that video of someone pulling about twenty concealed guns from under their clothes?

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