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  1. I will completely lose interest if they cast the two of them as Magneto and X. We have perfectly good candidates waiting to take things on if they wanted. If not, their are plenty of others who could play them.

  2. I have the strange desire to put this on the island in Windenburg and have all the other rich neighbors have to deal with the weird mushroom person that also inhabits the island.

  3. I use that all the time. My sims get so uncomfortable in their own home without it. You’d need to wear cold weather outfits in the house if you don’t have a thermostat.

  4. Are there actual humans at 311? I've never stayed long enough after the hour long hold to find out

  5. I’ve called 311 numerous times for various questions and have always gotten a person pretty quickly.

  6. She has a super heavy filter on. It’s changing her eye color to an impossible and creepy light green but it’s also smushing her face to make her look younger, plumping her lips, lifting her brows and adding bronzer to her cheeks and nose.

  7. Why do cyclists think it’s ok to blow off stop signs and red lights? Why are they always riding right on the left white line of the bike lane, casually meandering into the car lane at random and then cutting across traffic without any warning or motioning any kind of signal?

  8. Not everyone feels safe in the door zone. So, depending on the bike lane, they may be moved over to avoid this. Or there could be some debris in the bike lane they re moving over to avoid.

  9. I have a small problem with the red light running points. The first point says that 1 in 3 people have admitted that they have run a red light that just turned red.

  10. Looks like SCOBY. Symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeast. Look up kombucha fermentation. It’s like a mother of vinegar, the cellulose made by acidic acid forming bacteria will look similar to that.

  11. The problem is that “widening highways” and “building more more more” is always touted as a way to “reduce traffic and congestion problems” which it’s still not going to ever do simply because of the concept of induced demand. The main point is there is literally never going to be a point at which there will be enough highway and enough lanes to eliminate congestion.

  12. This is literally the stupidest, most shortsighted thing I have ever heard of.

  13. Semi high level player advice as soon as you walk into the fight be constantly calling out to shoot the turrets so that your entire team shoots them and as healer/ dps most of them one shot the turrets. I mean she only has three wrap around the side real quick (if dps) and shoot them otherwise heal your tanks and shoot them if you can see them

  14. I some times forget that melees can also on shot turrets which can be really helpful

  15. What you think of as “luxury housing” is just market rate housing. All new housing is market rate, and all market rate is “luxury”, as long as we are in a housing shortage, which we are. The only way to have below market rate housing get built is for the city to build it, or to force developers to designate a portion of units to below market rate. The only way to not be in a housing shortage is to build a ton of units. Denver currently has a shortage of about 50,000 units. So expect the next 50,000 units to be “luxury”, and tell your council member to support upzoning to make it easier to build more housing here.

  16. The problem we’re trying to get at is that building “luxury” housing and “luxury” housing only is the problem which is driving up market rents. When we say luxury we absolutely mean something that is different from what could be built. It’s the unnecessary amt of bells and whistles and amenities that developers/manage to companies can use to drive up desire and thus prices for apartments at these communities.

  17. Honestly what was that propagandish video posted here a couple weeks ago where that person was talking about the personal car and personal freedom. With knowing the cost factor isn’t the option we obviously have to look to that video for more insight. RTD is a joke most of the time and if you look at the comments in the original post you’ll see. It’s simply too inconvenient for a lot of people. 20 min drives become 1.5 hour way way trips. I get the “personal liberties” rhetoric sucks but it’s totally true. Nobody wants to spend 1.5 hrs one way when they could drive in 20 minutes.

  18. a homeless man called me a whore and threatened to beat the shit out of me one time so im good on RTD 🤙🏽🤙🏽

  19. I would love a 3x. I have a 10x... my car commute is 17 minutes, but by bus it would be 2:40,

  20. Here’s the thing I think that sometimes Google maps misses IMO and I don’t really see an option for: walking an extra block or two to catch a different, maybe slightly more direct bus. Maybe it’s better nowadays but I feel like there are possibly slightly better routes if one could just walk a couple extra blocks. I could be wrong though.

  21. Looks like the ranking relies entirely on approval data from another blog, which in turn relies entirely on two separate American Housing Surveys, which the US Census Bureau specifically warns researchers not to use together.

  22. It would cost more to renovate commercial units into residential than to just build from scratch. Think about the floorplan and utilities set up for a commercial building. Now think about it for a residential one. They're exactly nothing alike.

  23. They’re doing it right now with the old Art Institute building at 12th and Lincoln.

  24. The males in America have become more effeminate. “It’s a okay to still things in your rectum for pleasure.” 🤮🤮🤮🤮 Sick people will normalize their own behavior, then suggest others do it as well. Then condemn your decision to do as you wish.

  25. Just an Illinoisan living here since 2014, slipping under the radar. 8 years gives you chameleon-like status in the Colorado Native Covenant (CNC).

  26. The data in the article doesn't add up to the headline. What percentage of houses were bought by California transplants? In contrast, what percentage were bought by investors, people from other states, or local people?

  27. Right? My immediate thought was just because these people are moving from Cali doesn’t mean they’re buying houses or that they’re buying expensive ones. Though if they’re. It buying they’re renting, no?

  28. The thing that really made it click in my head how dangerous they are is...think about the combined weight of all the people on a loaded escalator. Allllll that weight, and the thing just keeps on running at basically the same speed.

  29. Does anyone else hate the fact that there are ONLY escalators up to DIA from the A Line? Like, I know that there’s stairs somewhere and that there’s also elevators but why don’t they also have a set of stairs where the escalators are?

  30. Redeemer is newish and great. Larimer street right near central market.

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