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  1. Newsflash from the one year club....

  2. A correct statement for someone with little experience is still correct.

  3. I’ll agree with the sentiment but at the same time do spend some money to get a bandsaw and change your life

  4. Likely the accident happened before portable bandsaws were a thing you could buy.

  5. Y’all gotta stop posting pics with your license plate showing it’s some weird people in this world

  6. I mean sure, but hundreds of people see your license plate every single day. Does it really matter if the crazies further away see it less frequently than the crazies in your home town?

  7. I’m really digging that second one, nice blend of the S197 and the refreshed S550 front. Has that retroey look while also feeling modern, the gold paint helps pull that look off.

  8. Weird, the second one gave me more S197 vibes, I really like the first one though.

  9. Not trying to decide if it's real or not but the spelling of "sequence" is wayy closer to the phonetics than "daughter" is.

  10. To be fair, an eight year old girl should know how to spell daughter. They don’t teach them as slowly as they taught us. 😂

  11. Flashbacks to early RuneScape days with me leading newbies into danger and then tricking them into pressing Alt+F4. Never gets old.

  12. Lol if you're in the southeast and ever looking for employment hmu. I could use a few of you.

  13. Back when I got into the trade in 03 we just got stuff German torque spec tight. I’ve never had an issue with too tight or loose, but yeah, torquing and signing in the can, (lugs torqued to xx) and the date/initials, will eliminate you from the suspect list should something go wrong. It’s also important to buy quality torquing tools and have them recertified per manufacturer’s recommendation

  14. We had a guy on our crew at one point (he was a foreman too, which is super sad) make up an entire 100k+ switch gear and bus duct with a 6 foot cheater bar. All the connections were so tight that it ruined the heavy duty Belleville washers that were specced for the job. IIRC when I looked at the paperwork it only called for something like 60-80 lb.

  15. Just new washers and fixing the connections, so not too bad.

  16. Ok that’s cool n all don’t get me wrong. But I’m talking $$$$$$$$$ it’s the most profitable piece of media in the world.... like EVER

  17. I know this is kind of old at this point, but touting things like this doesn’t do anything but set false expectations. GTA:V isn’t even in the top 10 highest grossing video games of all time, it’s an iconic video game for sure but it’s not even close to being the most valuable video game, much less the most valuable piece of media ever.

  18. They are indeed, a sports car with a bed and 4x4. Yeah manual f150s last year was 08, the super duty’s were 2010 and rangers were 2011 all for the Canada/US market.

  19. 2012 still had the manual single cab option, they just weren’t ever sold retail.

  20. A pickup truck like this white one has a foot parking break, not a hand one like most cars. I’ve got a foot one my truck and on a hill it struggles to hold it, so I have to put it in gear aswell for reassurance. Of course this truck could’ve been a automatic so if that’s the case idk why it rolled away.

  21. Because putting an automatic in park is it even as strong as putting a manual in gear. There’s a little piece of spring loaded metal that slides in to the gear that stops them from moving in park. Putting a vehicle in to park while it’s moving, or hitting one while it’s in park like this can destroy the pawl and then this happens.

  22. Well, given that my family owns the same car, that makes me feel a little better.

  23. You should be much more concerned about when the engine will spontaneously suicide than their safety in a crash then, it seems.

  24. Joseph I always forget how barbarians change words to make it easier for them..... Edit: Forgot the /s

  25. that looks like the worst Kmart I've ever seen. Not even a false ceiling, just a tin shed. ! They really cheaped out. All the ones I've been to in Australia look much better,

  26. I’m most places large open buildings like department stores don’t bother with a a suspended ceiling because it’s cost prohibitive and makes maintenance more of a costly nuisance than the small benefits it would provide.

  27. And if you give us details his hand magic will go away right?

  28. Haha he suffered from something called amniotic band syndrome which cause him to be born with seven of his fingers either fully or partially amputated, along with a few other issues.

  29. Geez. Poor kid. But I guess it's normal to him. Are there prosthetics that will help him? Had a friend whose mother took that wonder drug tholidomide. Just a few fingers and thumbs. Short limbs. Bunch of surgery. He used a special glove for golf and was a pretty good golfer!

  30. Just seeing this. So far we’re holding off on anything line prosthetics (there are a variety of 3d printed ones for people like him but he’s never seemed to need them.) he plays video games, writes, etc pretty normally but he does have endurance issues when he has to use fine motor skills for prolonged periods. At 8 he is just really starting to realize that he’s different. Silly kid even counts to ten using the fingers he doesn’t have.🤦🏽‍♂️😂

  31. A barrel has around 35,000 of them if they're yellows, 25,000 for the red / tan ones.

  32. That’s list price, if you’re getting barrels from your supplier and paying list price you need to find a new supplier.

  33. On a job large enough to justify a barrel of wirenuts, you're making large daily or twice-daily material orders. You're not just ordering one or two things at a time.

  34. We don’t put wire nuts on a job, we keep barrels of all sizes at the shop and they’re just written off as general expenses.

  35. Never seen a 150' roll of anything. Unless you're talking about something cut from a larger reel. You give a number like that and it makes me question everything you say.

  36. Manufacturer says they are not needed if used with approved connector.

  37. That doesn’t prevent local jurisdictions from requiring them. NEC is a bare minimum, not a gold standard.

  38. Anti-shorts are required in armored cable. Metal clad is armored cable.

  39. Metal clad isn’t armored cable. Armored cable uses the sheathing and a bonding wire as it’s ground, mc only uses an insulated ground wire.

  40. Tier systems period started in Diablo 1 in 1996 and were expanded upon in other games, just like I said.

  41. Actually iirc Diablo got the idea for color coded item tiers from Angband.

  42. Diablo got the idea from randomized levels and tried to model that after Angband

  43. My point was “tier systems period” did not start with Diablo, they started with Angband which had color coded tiers of average, good, ego, and artifact.

  44. There’s one of these in a town near where I live, but we’ve always been too afraid to try to kayak through it because there’s a decently strong current and we don’t know if there are any grates under there. 😂

  45. there is not enough free space in the tunnel to turn around, and we returned with their backs. if you have strong current, you this place can have some cascade . its too dangerous

  46. Yeah I definitely believe it. It looks like it could be a real nightmare of a death trap. I’m just imagining getting caught in a current and having the nose pushed to one wall and getting trapped sideways. You’re a brave man. 😂

  47. I had pretty much this same thing happen to me once when paddling over to check on my wife after going through separate sides of a gap. Got through and went to paddle across to make sure she got out okay, and when the front of my kayak hit the current from another spot that was moving straighter and more swiftly than what I was in it was like the current caught the side of the kayak and just rolled it.

  48. I think my eyes are broken, I can’t stand watching movies in 4k. It makes things look weird. Maybe because I’m old. HDR on the other hand…

  49. I mean you can connect a PC to a TV and use a DualSense or Xbox controller wirelessly like a console. It’s just more expensive and not as easy to setup.

  50. Yup, despite the hundreds of posts that say “build a pc more powerful than a ps5 for under $600” that’s just not how it works. It may theoretically possible but all the optimizations that go in to a console on top of the lightweight operating system just mean that they run a lot smoother than a pc running similarly powerful hardware, and the games themselves are optimized better because they don’t have to account for hundreds and hundreds of cpu/gpu combinations. I love my pc but some games just play better on the PS5.

  51. What's the consistency of it? Is it goopy or hard and brittle? Is it fibrous? Probably calcium or some other coagulation chemical that hardened in the mix.

  52. I feel like everyone else is looking at a different picture than I am. 😂

  53. Nah DRG is still a niche indie title, a very successful one but even Diablo is a niche title with a comparatively small following.

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