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  1. Grew up in Cali, its not that bad. Don't even have ash coming down.

  2. Yes, people do believe this we call them suckers, oops, I mean Democrats.

  3. Like hell we don’t. You must be one of those weirdos from Alberta. And I just called my friend down under, he confirmed both Australians and New Zealanders refer to desks like that as secretaries. Y’all can downvote all you like it’s not changing the facts

  4. Did you leave the maple syrup out in the sun or something?

  5. I had intended to say “It’s a little strange looking, but it doesn’t hurt her.” before the mom spoke. I wasn’t planning to go into more detail than that.

  6. you did nothing wrong, but I'm always vague when a kid that's not mine asks a question like that.

  7. the question was for your "patner". apparently its an australian thing.

  8. Drink slow and limit how many you drink. I do 2 12 oz bottles an hour when i drink. Also make sure you eat something also.

  9. For some more backstory, her reason for wanting him circumcised was because her ex was and she liked that better. I wish I was kidding

  10. “Hey babe, I need you to get boob implants. You’re my girlfriend so it’s MY CHOICE and I’m standing up for what I want!”

  11. "oh and you're a little thick around the middle. losing 10 pounds would be nice"

  12. Funny thing is if he had texted or informed me that he was going to be in town, I would have gladly met up with him. I think may be he secretly desires me, but for some reason afraid to admit it. As I said I might have met up with him and may even have slept with him.

  13. your date lucked out. you showed him the red flag forest of Brad.

  14. There was a similar guy that saved The Declaration and Bill of Rights, etc during 1812. They gave him a job in The Treasury or something but so many people complained about him being a dingus that they had to fire him, despite saving our founding documents

  15. I think they didnt fire him but put him charge of lighthouses. he redesigned the light they used and it's still used to this day.

  16. former californian here, that color comes from air polution.

  17. NTA I cannot believe the people in these comments saying you are when you’ve never even changed a freaking diaper for a person you don’t talk to much. Also who the hell wants to catch that when there’s an entire mother in law who ACTUALLY speaks to these people? People in these comments are why I refuse to watch kids and don’t have any of my own. The fear of others being entitled to my time, health, and comfort zone is real in this day and age.

  18. Saw the follow up vid, mom made a salsa with 65 chilies and made her eat it.

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