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  1. Markipliers fnaf series... I know it asks video (singular) but when I start I cannot stop

  2. Seriously OP the call is coming from inside the house

  3. Int in prices for any alvas, Emily and 8 (?) Inch Otto 😵‍💫

  4. my 23 & Me results said i wasn’t italian at all but my life experience is an italian one so i know i am

  5. My whole family is ghost white but my friend says I'm an honorary Hispanic because of where I was raised so I can claim otherwise

  6. Nta, you know damn well they hoped you'd just leave it behind for everyone else to benefit from. When I was in college I still had plenty of time to myself to play games so they're double dumb for that.

  7. I was hoping she'd bite the fuck out of him when they were both on the bike. Right at the back of the neck or SOMETHING.

  8. 2nd one I have the first one somewhere and it's very stiff and uncomfortable to wear

  9. Tamoe is the one that forceable kissed and made into a slave pretty much. It's just all romanticized and made to look cute.

  10. Tobias called me beautiful when I did my m&g that I got for my bday and he said that he hopes I have an especially good time

  11. How do you not laugh in these people's faces? Or tell them to shut up? Because I'd be doing both

  12. I don't trust the long tittied, WiFi forehead, "females 🤓" ass woman with anything she says. Her IQ drops further than her unsupported chest

  13. Our comments are about the concerts, nothing about merch. I never disagreed about the merch stuff because it’s true. I’m dealing with it myself. That’s it’s own separate thing.

  14. Idk why you're being downvoted you're speaking some facts here. We are not her boss and to act like they give a shit what a bunch of people want from them is laughable! If the album is the only thing keeping the fanbase from falling apart is it even worth it?

  15. As a child of the 90’s, the cast of friends names (Monica, Chandler, Phoebe, Ross, Joey, Rachel) are too much for me. Same with Disney renaissance princesses (Ariel, Belle, Jasmine…etc) Also now, Elsa and Anna are on the list. I also agree with Isabella from Twilight, oh and Danerys/Dany, Aria, Sansa, Jon, Tyrion from GOT

  16. I share a name with a Friends character but as a girl... Having my nickname be Bing for half my life made me very jaded

  17. Went to a low income hs and it was super common to buy stuff from other students. It never bothered me one bit then and it sure as hell don't bother me now. I let them hustle as long as they're respectful and smart about it.

  18. You're a jerk. Totally. Like seriously.... those are prlerfectly fine, normal, names. Why do you care so much that they are named after t.v. show characters.

  19. The sister shipped their namesakes (siblings) romantically and sexually. Sister has a history of projecting their namesake onto the kids as shown by the ETA.

  20. You said: "Sister has a history of projecting their namesake onto the kids as shown by the ETA" which appears to be canon roles not things anyone at any point in time can write. OP is the one bringing up past, sexualized non-canon relationships to her twins.

  21. Does not negate the fact that OPs sister is pushing a FICTIONAL CHARACTER narrative. It's concerning because what if she strays from canon? That's the issue.

  22. He's saying that like he's almost excited at the possibility

  23. "I'm walking like a stereotypical air head because I'm autistic!! Lol!!" Way to equate a disorder with something like that. Real progressive.

  24. I was in the seats for my ritual right by the floor for my bday, and one of the security guards grabbed me a handful when I asked... Don't hesitate, be THAT guy, it helps reduce the amount of clean up

  25. A majority of my students have interest... It's a shame they're all "car lovers" who drive recklessly and think they can afford nice cars on a small budget since they never want a college education or to just try overall.

  26. I have had so many students talk about their girl problems to me, as a young female teacher who attracts the weirder kids and the LGBT kids, and it makes me feel so good knowing they can come to me about uniquely LGBT issues in their life. I can't wait to continue being that person.

  27. I have my devil bear in the pullover gray hoodie because he's my laid back boy!! It's really cute on them

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