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  1. Alright, I believe that if you have interest in someone, you should go after them.

  2. youre right, i need to do something about this. the hard part is how to approach her since were in completely different circles. shes also in a different major so idek what similarities we can have. i guess i just need to go to every opportunity i can and just end this asap somehow. thank you for this

  3. i got mickael latocca so im not sure. idk if the ppl mentioned by op are even teachin bc i only saw latocca and ke chen during exams

  4. i think i have wellershoff too. i couldnt find any reviews but i did find his website and he seemed like a good man so i chose him 💀 im hoping he just doesnt have crazy hard exams

  5. Why is breakfast for dinner a thing? And is there a bagel shortage?

  6. I am not sure why it is, but I know for years one of our biggest comments was about serving breakfast all day. That is why we thought the Breakfast all Day Platform at Yahentamitsi would be an easy win. Turns out what people said they wanted and what they actually wanted concerning breakfast all day is different so we have started changing from breakfast foods all day to Quesadillas once breakfast usage dies down.

  7. tbh i may not have standards but I kinda like it LOL the quesadillas are actually so fire. I can see why people say its unhealthy but I think its similar quality with just a few less options, so if youre not picky and close by I definitely think its an underrated option 🥦❤️

  8. no i love quasadillas too but only when they have meat in it, not beans and mushrooms and onions or whatever 💀

  9. I especially love the last paragraph of this post. Have a very, very happy birthday!!

  10. I would remain skeptical. She might be wanting something in return (another way to guilt trip?). But if you think you can put yourself through the stress and hard work of actually mending a relationship with your mother, I’d say do it. It’s your call. You’re mature enough to know when backing out is the right call.

  11. true… its just super weird to experience this randomly. i dont think i can heal from this, but ill probably try to work with her since she is trying too :/

  12. A bit TMI but it hurt a little. I think it's because it's been so long since I did it.

  13. im gonna assume ur a guy based on that 😂 mustve been bc its been plugged too long 💀

  14. Same thing. I couldn't masturbate for a month. When I finally was able to I exploded. Lol.

  15. bruh it felt so good after such a long time... we're healing!!!

  16. i went thru the exact same thing u did but dw! imo, just know that more often than not, ppl post abt their negative side effects rather than good ones. i was also scared abt the side effects and in the end, i had nothin! and if u do experience any, tell urself that its ok and show urself some compassion and rest/take it easy

  17. im a week away from hitting 30 days on meds. i still feel anxious but it often feels more manageable compared to before

  18. Kruskal is a notoriously difficult professor because of how he runs his class.

  19. Are you still dealing with this? I'm starting to have these thoughts too and it's super weird! I obviously don't want to do it but the thoughts feel real sometimes!

  20. ive been on lexapro for around 2 weeks now. my general anxiety feels a bit lower and unfortunately those thought occasionally still pops up but its impacts me less than before. very scary experience 😔

  21. I've been debating getting on medication too to see if I can slow down the thoughts... I definitely know I don't want to die or would even do anything but it's so so scary to have these thoughts in your brain! Like wtf!!

  22. RIGHT like i dont want to end up in a situation where someone tells me those r my “real” thoughts bc i know its not. medication is definitely something you should look into! u can also check out their subreddits, but dont scare urself from the side effects bc thats what happened to me 💀

  23. bruh i sat like right in the middle rows and still barely comprehended

  24. i dont drink, but ive seen ppl say that they can feel the buzz way easier and faster while takin lex. just proceed with caution, maybe take a shot or two and see how u feel

  25. thats true too 💀 i sometimes use to spend a whole hour doing

  26. All normal side effects!! I felt all of these. My advice to you is stay strong, they will pass. It was such a lowkey magically moment once they did for me. Make sure your eating the best you can, I know it’s hard. Hydrate, rest when you can. Once it get better, it REALLY gets better! :)

  27. thats reassuring, thank you for this 🥹 yea the hardest thing im dealin with is my appetite but ill try my best. holding on to hope for dear life 💀

  28. Stay positive. If nausea and loss appetite is your main worry, it will get better im sure! Give it a few weeks and youll be back saying how good you feel with it.

  29. I’m also on my third day. Mine side effects aren’t as bad as yours, but it’s enough to make me super anxious and worries about my health. I’ve been trying to just sit with the feeling for the past 30 min and hoping it’ll just go away

  30. I think you should take it when you feel is best for yourself. I personally would do it asap to get it working faster. I know on my first few days on 10 mg, I was told to cut my pill in half for the first four days then start the full 10. I also take mine at supper time so I don’t feel as nauseous and it allows the sleepiness to set in before I actually go to bed so I’m not so tired the next day.

  31. im similar! i was told to take 1/2 of a 10mg tablet every night (since i will feel drowsy) for 6 days, then increase to 1. im worried bc they are planning to visit an aquarium tmro and i dont want to “ruin” the fun by feeling sick. do you remember if your side effects were strong/noticeable the first few days?

  32. I did have a lot of nausea but I never threw up. I also had headaches but they were manageable. I take mine with supper so it gives it time before it makes me drowsy. It also helped with the nausea.

  33. Depends on what your copay is! Doesn’t matter which doc prescribes it, with that being said generic lexapro is pretty cheap even without insurance. You could also order it from cost plus drugs for even less.

  34. omg i totally forgot about that website, thanks for letting me know! i'm planning to pick up my meds tmro, do you know if i can decline to buy it?

  35. If you’re picking them up in person you could try GoodRX!

  36. yea i actually checked that too, says walmart offers it for $15 but i might use cost plus drugs instead since its way more affordable 0.0 thanks for helping!

  37. My mum would ask why I'm short when she has cousins from a particular aunt who are all tall so the tall genes should run in the family, shouldn't it? Well, my dad is 5'6 and my mum is 5'0 (her parents are shorter than my dad) so clearly we got the shorter end of the stick regardless lmao

  38. AP logic! never fails to suprise us when they always blame others...

  39. Yea but he was “just saying” so he’s valid in saying whatever he wants

  40. oh ya mine does that too, itll be one sided and my mom will tell him to stop he’ll be like “were just having a conversation”…

  41. they spam u with emails that contain exactly what ur looking for

  42. LOL, addin onto these replies youll also be in a piazza group for ur class and ur teacher will def send out plenty of opportunities for you to look into

  43. im complete opposite :/ i never wear makeup and my parents want me to bc “its what girls should do” and so i can get a job… ppl just wanna be assholes and hateful, theyll never be satisfied smh

  44. The standard around women is so frustrating. Wear makeup or don't, however you identify, it doesn't make you any less of a person. I've had jobs where I didn't wear makeup, and some where I always did! And it honestly never made a difference. I agree though, you can never win !

  45. RIGHT like cmon its 2022, ppl like them are the reason y these stupid standards are still around >:( just let ppl live how they want

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