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  2. Can any employee get one? I know people...

  3. I'm sorry about what happened to your dad

  4. Is this a good place to put a LARGE amount of money (well beyond the amount under FDIC protection) if I need to pull it out at a random time to purchase a property?

  5. Why not spread it across multiple banks? It's not like you need cash within the hour to close a property deal.

  6. He recorded a song named "why should I worry". It is on the soundtrack to the animated film "Oliver and Company". It's very similar.

  7. That is what an axle is supposed to do. They spin independently of the rest of the wheel.

  8. Most bicycles have a lot less room between the nut and the part where the wheel touches the frame. You may need some spacers there or something to that effect.

  9. The curved tube that the brake cable goes through is what redirects it so that it can go from vertical, coming down from the lever, to horizontal where it goes into the brake cable clamp.

  10. It’s missing the brake cable. The end is shaped like a circle to sit inside the brake lever

  11. I used Todd Wells just a couple years ago to purchase my place, he was professional and knowledgeable. I really enjoyed the experience. I would highly recommend him.

  12. Skipping this round. I got third row center in Palm Springs (next week!!!!), I feel lucky already...

  13. I agree with everything you say here, except for that Born & Raised, is his best album. Subjective, I know, but that's how I feel.

  14. This looks very nice! I may just need to pick up a copy of this one! Congratulations, I bet it sounds incredible.

  15. I was attending a Desktop Publishing conference at the Moscone Center during the summer of 2000 and some Apple people were showing off demos of the Dock and Aqua. I thought at the time it looked totally dumb and weird since it was such a big departure from OS 9. I'm glad I was wrong and I've loved every release since the Public Beta.

  16. There are bike polishes that do a passable job, but nothing beats a hose. Not sure what else to tell you...

  17. I was able to get a bottle late last year - it is a great drink! Congratulations!

  18. Lyon’s restaurants. K-Mart with the little Caesars pizza inside. Anchor blue. Tower records. Circuit city. The good guys. The fog at candlestick. San Jose flea market. Q-zar laser tag. The discovery zone.

  19. I'm selling my Silicon Valley home and moving to another state. Using the money to pay off a condo to live in while I build a new home. Then I'll rent out the condo. No house payments!

  20. I am working from home. My work desk is still at the office. The company pays for that floor space (just like they did before the pandemic). I do not charge extra for working from home. I provide the exact same services from home as I would if I was there. How is this rent cost increasing for my employer? How has their bottom line changed?

  21. Evolutionarily, this makes a lot of sense. If you find really good calorie dense foods, try to get more of those.

  22. But how do I teach my brain to stop?

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