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Shireen Abu Akleh: Israeli forces kill Al Jazeera journalist

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  1. I'm pretty sure we've been incredibly lucky and only gotten federation UFOs so far. Those guys better keep the bad civilizations away

  2. The government is in place to protect your freedoms and provide infrastructure, not hold your hand and force you to behave. Crap happens in the USA because of individual choices... Some kids study hard and get scholarships, others listen to loud music and play video games and expect everything to be free and when they hear you need to work for it, they'd rather steal it. You have the freedom to choose...

  3. The massacre was committed by pro-assad milita and the regime security service

  4. I think he repeats phrases in the popular lexicon, and currently those kinds of phrases include things like “hours of tape” of UFOs. Just my take after a couple decades of digesting language in popular media.

  5. Islamophia in India is getting really bad. india is no longer safe for muslims

  6. Call them what they are - collaborators.

  7. It's FOX news. I wouldn't take information from them with a 10 foot circular object.

  8. Not a skeptic but sometimes I think that these slow moving triangles could be derigibles.

  9. The one thing I don't understand about these people burned at the stake is that they knew what became of people with radical ideas. If I had such a "crazy (for that time)" idea, I would definitely say something along lines of "There is no way I believe this--but wouldn't it be cool if each star was a sun with is own planetary system surrounding it? I know I'm talking crazy talk...".

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