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  1. A very talented artist, but he seriously needs help. A$AP Yams comments and making fun of a teenage rapper after they committed suicide really made me not respect him anymore.

  2. To read braille one must only focus on that, and can’t do anything else but focus on that. So yes, braille is reading

  3. I’m very happy to see that this is the top comment

  4. It’s amazing. I just picked up the first three volumes last week and I couldn’t stop reading.

  5. You don’t need more videos, you need therapy.

  6. Why is there always some comment like this on every one of these posts? Bro ur literally on NSFL

  7. There’s a video I saw of a man getting his head eaten by maggots while still alive and making facial expressions. I tried looking for it and I found

  8. My favorite horror film is Texas Chainsaw massacre 2. It’s not as good as the first, and it’s really bizarre. But I love it and it’s so much fun.

  9. The internet and the media still seems like it has a “men can’t be raped” attitude sometimes. A rapper was literally just sexually assaulted at a concert and the internet’s been memeing the shit out of a picture of him. It’s very strange

  10. I remember cardi b drugging and ROBBING men. When did she rape a man? Also I have no idea who Asia Argento is so I’d have to look into that one. Also I think it’s this toxic masculinity idea that sex from women is so awesome there is no way it could be rape. It’s stupid but that would be my honest guess.

  11. Asia Argento is an actress and director, she made a film based around child abuse and allegedly sexually assaulted one of the actors when he was 17. She paid him $380,000 to basically try and cover it up.

  12. Leaving the ground. No planes, swimming, or amusement park rides for me

  13. Ben Affleck barely being in the show is so funny to me

  14. Superior Spider-Man and New 52 Batman. Ik I’m young lmao

  15. Eric Andre comes on stage and does a promotion for his own show

  16. It honestly isn't that bad. Here is Stephanie Turner who gave birth to children without the disease. And she basically had red skin that looks a bit scaly in some areas.

  17. Adults with the condition don’t look “disturbing” at all, but newborns are a whole different story. They’re what I’m mainly referring to

  18. Never, and I mean never, Google it. Trust me. Here’s what Google describes it as:

  19. A myth in the dark web I don't know either, but is supposed to be very disturbing

  20. Interesting. Is there any videos I could watch or anything to read about it? How did you hear of it?

  21. I read this in a disturbing movie community on the Dark Web. Unfortunately I don't know anything else It could also just be Fake News, so I ask in this Reddit

  22. Gavinthegrassman is the only reason we don’t have Superman now.

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