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  1. As someone with adhd that always needs to be doing two things at once for my brain to not be bored, this is great. I always have to be doing something with my hands and I love reading.

  2. I have adhd. If I get elf on the shelf for my kids it’ll be “hiding” one day and never return again. The only reason the Christmas tree is up is because my husband remembered to do it.

  3. There’s an outlet mall here in my state close by probably made by the same company, design is exactly the same

  4. I learned how to write a check in 5th grade and haven’t written one since. I’m 35.

  5. Reddit is a great place to come to remind yourself you are doing ok because you don’t have an actual pet leech that sucks your blood while you video it doing so.

  6. Haven’t been to church in decades so I’m reluctant to call myself Christian atp, especially with my lil Buddha figurines all over the house lol. But Open my heart by Yolanda Adams always revives me when I need it.

  7. Omg priced this in the app and wow 🤯 haven’t gotten chipotle for the kids and myself because it usually costs too much but this is amazing. Trying this next time the kids are begging for chipotle.

  8. Atp whenever I hear it, it feels forced and disingenuous. Also makes me think of imperialism which gives me the icks.

  9. Nope. I would do nothing but ruminate on it until it was time to die. It wouldn’t make me appreciate my life more or plan better or anything like that. I’m already an anxious person, it would ruin my life because it would be all I would think about.

  10. We purposely didn’t get married before having our kids for this reason. Staying single allowed me to qualify for Medicaid and therefore didn’t have to pay as much to give birth. My son ended up in the nicu for 3 months and Medicaid covered all of it, otherwise we would’ve had a hospital bill of over a million dollars.

  11. If I had a different job and could type efficiently with them I’d keep my nails long, I like the way they make my hands look. But for my life with children and my job they don’t make sense to have.

  12. My mom didn’t start being affectionate with me until after I had my own children. She was hard and she admits it. I hug and kiss on my kids all the time, tell them I love them, and they wholeheartedly reciprocate. I hope they stay this way.

  13. Study groups or whatever makes sense to have in a cafe…but a whole ass party. I never would’ve even thought to have a party in a Starbucks. People are so weird.

  14. Sulfur grisi facial wash and cerave pm face moisturizer. I can run out of every thing but these two. After battling acne since puberty, my skin has never been so soft or smooth.

  15. I’ll be 35 next week and have been in reflection mode as well. Watching a lot of cartoons from my childhood. Eating a lot of my childhood comfort foods. Wishing I had a N64 so my kids can see how far gaming has come lol. My kids will never know what a house phone is, or have to wait a whole week to watch a new episode of a show they like. I try to show them by limiting some of the technology, but life will never be that way again. I miss the 90s too.

  16. My birthday is next week and I think I’m gonna do this to celebrate.

  17. I love bread pudding. I’ve made it probably 4 times in the last month.

  18. Hiking, reading, but my biggest is cross stitching. It’s cheap and you need very little. A needle, floss/thread, fabric, a pattern, and an embroidery hoop is all you need to make something nice.

  19. I don’t understand how these people can be so selfish for the sake of their “beliefs” over the health and welfare of their kid. Unbelievable.

  20. I’ll be 35 in a couple weeks, but deep down I’m still the “nervous child”

  21. This happened to me once after getting my hair done. She asked to take pics, I agreed, when she posted the pics my face and any blemishes were totally filtered to oblivion. I asked her to remove the photos, she did, never went to her again.

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