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  1. Honestly I am super new to the desert. This was my first time going since I was a kid. Probably 18+ years, but no one in my group commented on anything besides it being particularly windy. Definitely no mud or anything. Sorry I’m not more knowledgeable.

  2. Was there yesterday and the riding was perfect, but yes it was super windy. Caught a fair few sand blasts but besides that had a great time.

  3. Looking to try my third scotch. I’ve had Johnny walker black and Ardbeg 10. I enjoyed them both and Ardbeg 10 is very good. Should I get Lagavulin 16 or Macallan 12?

  4. Lagavulin 16 is an amazing scotch. I’d say that or Ardbeg Uigeadail. Uigeadail is probably my favorite scotch ever.

  5. She has no comment on poland. Other than she wants to visit

  6. For any new hires - have you gotten a COLA? I was hired in April of this year and assume I’ll get nothing, but you never know!

  7. The firm gave a midyear adjustment around November/December 2021 and I was told today that they probably won't do a similar thing this year. Not a COLA exactly but that's all the info I got :')

  8. “Comfort turn indicator can be switched off in the menu for the instrument cluster.”

  9. I really hate that feature. Randomly turning off my signal when I’m approaching a turn is not ideal.

  10. “I’ll just have the smallest whisky you’ve got”

  11. I picked this up when I couldn’t find Laga 16, not expecting a whole lot. First sip blew me away - such an amazing bottle. Definitely going to be a staple for me.

  12. Laga 16 was the bottle that got my fiancée hooked. It had to be the readily-available, $100 bottle didn't it?

  13. I had a 2018 RR and the autoblipper and TFT were really nice. I also believe 2016 was the first run for the 1100(?) engine so it MAY be a bit less reliable.

  14. Lost an aram to ap gp earlier today. His oranges also healed noticeably a lot more than standard ad gp.

  15. Whenever I get GP in ARAM I go Axiom, Liandries, Demonic. The build is shit but it’s tons of fun

  16. I had a Tuono 2018. 6’4 and was fairly comfortable. It put a lot of weight on my wrists and forearms during longer rides, but with cruise control on it was really quite comfortable.

  17. Honestly hypernakeds cost so much less to insure than superbikes. My Tuono cost about 1.1K per year to insure but an RSV4 would’ve been about 5K.

  18. Last time we said we don't end on an aram lost, we went to sleep at 5 am

  19. Colonel Lukashenko finally getting the recognition he deserves

  20. As I'm an idiot with no understanding of financial lingo, could someone dumb this down for me please 😂

  21. I responded to you but for some reason the comment is not showing here. Sorry!

  22. My guess is that “turnover” is referring to Gross Receipts. Essentially taking your Revenue less any returns * 2%. Typically called a gross receipts tax. It’s becoming more common recently as you pay tax regardless of if you have Net Income or not. A good example would be a company with 200M in Gross Receipts but with a Net Taxable Loss of 2M. If we apply a Income Tax versus a 2% Gross Receipts Tax we see;

  23. I had this exact issue with my RF 1400 for the first few hours of use. It got WAY better after that and it now feels totally comfortable to put on and wear. It’ll break in - just gotta tough it out for a bit :/

  24. Probably not a solution to your specific problem, but the tracking number bungie gave me for WQ Deluxe linked me to USPS but it was actually sent thru FedEx. I spent a few days waiting for USPS to setup the tracking until I just searched the same number for different shippers. If they did give you a tracking number try searching it on the different shipping providers.

  25. It would be so funny if there was an easteregg, that if Kled is on the far left side of the loadingscreen there would be a bunch of military titles coming from off screen until they stop at "Kled" right below his portrait. Alternatively on the far right side it would start with "Kled the-" and continue with bunch of titles of screen.

  26. Just like how Renata Glasc has an Admiral skin, have Kled have his entire military title as a skin!

  27. When I used to commute to college I wore full gear but then just locked everything my my bike. Looped a lock thru my jacket and locked it to my handlebars, locked my helmet to my foot pegs, etc.

  28. This is literally the only reason I’ve not switched to Windows 11

  29. “Why does Cho’Gath, the largest friend, not simply eat the other five?” - Lrr

  30. San Diego is pretty great for dirt biking. While it is technically a HCOL market, the city is a pretty large sprawl so there are opportunities for relatively cheaper housing if you go further out from the city. Those spots are also generally closer to the dirt biking trails so it’s a win win if you can work remote!

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