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  1. It was Marc O Se actually in Kilkenny on co-commentary.

  2. Doesn't sound like Kildare are bringing that big of a crowd to Kilkenny this afternoon.

  3. So I actually know the Bobby Bones show pretty well having listened regularly years back. I enjoy the interviews he does with country singers. That's usually posted separately now but the rest of the show is complete fluff and a waste of time. The whole morning zoo thing is really corny at it's best and cringe at its worst.

  4. Being in Munster, I would prefer the Munster final to stay in Munster. The Munster final is such a tradition and will generally sellout. Normally having 46,000+ like you'll see 49,000 in the Gaelic grounds, and so many people will want tickets who can't get them. Moving to Dublin will mean it's harder to get tickets

  5. No thank you. Joe McDonagh does not need to be treated like a warm up at Croke Park for a Leinster senior hurling final. The reality is Kilkenny fans don't travel well and that's why the numbers are relatively low for Leinster hurling final. Galway aren't actually in Leinster geographically but they do bring more fans generally but still not the number you'd expect from other counties.

  6. The Leinster hurling final won't get more than est. 20k anyway. Might have been a slight bump to that number if Dublin got there. Putting the Munster Final on the same day doesn't make sense for the Munster or GAA in my opinion.

  7. This isn't about it being not Dublin or Kerry if that's the angle your trying to push here. Nobody wants to watch play that lethargic and slow without purpose. Good for the Rossies they had a game plan and executed it. Can't win an AI like that but was good enough for today.

  8. "Without purpose" is the most stupid analysis to come out of this. Canavan came out with similar comments.

  9. Without purpose to score for large parts of the game. Look they did what they needed to get a result. Fair play to them. That won't take them past the semifinals though and if these sorts of games continue people will push for change. It's only natural.

  10. Roscommon deserved that draw. They're a handful for any team. Dublin just aren't that good. They are not the Dublin of old.

  11. They would've won if they were as aggressive trying to turn the Rossies over in that 2nd half the whole game. A lot to learn to from for the Dubs in that match. A draw is a fair enough result but Dublin could have easily won by 2-3 points. Just failed to close it out and some soft frees were given to opposition.

  12. The rest of the GAA have to pay for what is fraud. Building a stadium they knew well they couldn't afford. Cork couldn't play and going forward won't be able to play some games there due to concerts. It's an absolute disgrace and people's acceptance of this is even more incredible.

  13. This is very much the situation of be careful what you wish for. PUC was bound to host some finals sooner rather than later. This is part of the reason certain counties are reluctant building new stadiums.

  14. I would be SHOCKED if it was Titus. With how much he bashes people like Woj for being scoops guys, I can’t imagine he would make a burner to become that himself. Plus he doesn’t strike me as someone who gives a shit about the behind the scenes of recruiting.

  15. Titus isn't a UMass fan or any expert on the wider spectrum of collee basketball. He's just some insider with a lot of connections in D1.

  16. After Ger Canning called out the score incorrectly towards the end of the first extra time period. Right after he did that RTE took a point off for each team and they never adjusted it back. The actually final score was Carlow 2-30 Offaly 1-32 AET

  17. Armagh got out of jail against Westmeath late on thanks to Conor Turbitt's goal and a few additional points. Very flat performance today.

  18. Yeah we have a decent few clubs playing football I think moon coin played in the intermediate club final a couple of years ago.

  19. Mullinavat still the kingpins into another Kilkenny senior football final. Think they play Thomastown.

  20. Carlow were close in 1944. They lost to Kerry 3-3 - 0-10 by just a couple points despite kicking four more scores than them.

  21. From what I can tell, none of the mascots, logos, iconography, etc. are changing, just the name.

  22. George Washington Revolutonaries is quite a long nickname. Doesn't exactly roll off the tongue. I'm sure most people will just shorten it to Revs when talking about the team. The name change is alright but I think they could've done better.

  23. Doubt it will be for the group stage games but the quarter finals will be there very likely in Croker.

  24. Saturday Game showed the extended highlights of Kerry v Mayo and Galway v Tyrone.

  25. As many are saying the greatest result ever in Westmeath hurling history.

  26. Ah of course, I was just looking at points difference and thinking they were safe anyway

  27. Point difference only comes into play if it 3 or more teams.

  28. Great result for Sligo to get a draw against Kildare getting 3 late points. Looking forward to see who Glenn Ryan will blame next after this.

  29. I think the punditry on rte nowadays is so incredibly bland. It's all very correct and proper and accurate and inoffensive.

  30. The gaa media so fucking negative, does not reflect what most gaa fans actually feel. I bet the vast majority of the 35,000 fans yesterday in fitzgerald stadium were happy with the game they watched.

  31. Would have been much better if top 2 went through and 3rd went into Tailteann Cup. That way then even if you lost your first 2 games you'd still likely have something to play for in your last match. Would put more pressure on the top teams too.

  32. Mayo will want the bye though as will most of the top teams so that does make it interesting. If Louth were to beat Mayo in a few weeks that would really set the cat amongst the pigeons. I don't know it they will but I do think they will beat Cork next week.

  33. Yormark is talking with every school it seems as a possible addition.

  34. NAIA player of the year Mason Walters from Jamestown commited to Wyoming about a month ago for the final year of his college career.

  35. Ulster seems to be the only provincial which teams go toe to toe. It’s a shame we don’t have a 50k stadium in the north as I think we’d fill it each year regardless of who is in final

  36. They also don't have a legitimate contender to win the AI so it's a double edged sort.

  37. Croke Park should be worried, if it’s the same teams all the time people will start to switch off. Dublin’s 13th in a row, I’m sure true Dubs would rather be properly challenged, a hard fought victory is so much sweeter than a walkover.

  38. They were literally challenged against Kildare two weeks ago after playing like ass. I'm sure they far prefer to play like they did yesterday than a fortnight ago. The won 6 in a row playing this same schedule not too long ago so I think they'll be fine.

  39. Pat's 100 % right. Hurling is only really taken seriously at the top level in a third of the counties.

  40. The biggest advantage hurling has is they've effectively purged all of the poor sides.

  41. bye bye Meath I guess but that's what that could never happen as most counties dominant sport is football.

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