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  1. Reign started a week after Jimmy got a DUI lol

  2. Have the Bucks thinking about changing their name to FTE

  3. it's weird to me that we have the technology for me to hook up a bunch of electrodes to my penis and get jacked off by a woman in Azerbaijan but when it comes to billion dollar professional sports, they just spot the football wherever a guy standing 25 feet away guesses it should go

  4. Not a class act. He said he don't give a fuck about what Watson does in his offtime as long as he is a good teammate.

  5. I like how many people are rooting for Watson to get injured on a dirty hit and think that makes them the good guys.

  6. I wonder how many people give a fuck who is perceived as a good guy.

  7. And you don’t see how implying eating dick makes you a loser is homophobic or misogynistic?

  8. All I want for Christmas is for Lamar to hire a real agent.

  9. That seems like the bs flags qbs always get. If a guys sauntering up the sideline for extra yards it shouldn't be a flag if the guys a little late when the ball carrier decides to step out.

  10. Or just don't hit him after he steps out...

  11. Fox news: your kids are in danger. Fox tv shows: your kids are in danger.

  12. Fox talk shows " why do parents feel their kids are in danger?"

  13. This team supports rapists, of course they would support cheating

  14. And then panicked as soon as it got tight. Just punt the ball, make OSU’s offense work for it.

  15. people in this thread "bUt HiS pReViOuS oNe WaS bOtChEd!".

  16. Why is it for a team that's never won a national championship our fan base feels like anything short of that is a "bad season". Can we give the guy a couple of years to recruit and build a culture here people? FFS

  17. I don't feel its championship or bust. I just don't like extremely questionable play calls.

  18. Rod Gilmore commentates every Duck game like he’s got the opposing teams moneyline lol

  19. "It's probably offensive pass interference"...defender grabbed the shit out of his jersey.

  20. I'm sorry football is hard sometimes. Some of you are really soft.

  21. Going for it on your own side of the field is a shit call.

  22. Bro the reason he left WWE in the first place was because money stopped mattering to him, maybe he's less hateful of Triple H now but still

  23. Triple H also has worked on his image since then and is known to bring people in.

  24. That's proly why tk is reluctant on buy out tbf. Not smart business too

  25. That and a concern of firing someone who is injured turning into a lawsuit. Tony has a track record of keeping people till they are healthy and letting their contract run out.

  26. It was reported that they had been trying to get the song way before brawlout happened

  27. I heard the song was written for them specifically after the Punk altercation...maybe

  28. Wreddit and twitter users usually exhibit antisocial behaviour and maybe even read my talking about my marriage as bragging lol.

  29. maybe they dont like that you stated she would hire a hitman.

  30. Maybe? Maybe people should understand hyperbole? Also who gives a shit? None of this shit on here is real, homie.

  31. I wasn't nearly as offended as your fee fees are, apparently.

  32. a free one wouldn't either, lets be honest. Trash gonna be trash.

  33. is it that hard not to touch the qb who is going out of bounds?

  34. rich people, they are just like us always going to Qatar!

  35. Two weeks to come up with a decent game plan and that was the best they could do ? Special teams play away from It being a tie . Maybe if we had a legit offensive coordinator instead of retreads there's enough talent on this team but coaching is killing them

  36. Don't forget special teams missing 2 fgs.

  37. I didn't watch this game unfortunately but I laughed when I saw the score, why was it so low scoring lol?

  38. do you really want them talking about how your team is playing a dude with a concussion

  39. I was sad the entire day after finishing that season. I felt so bad for Gino, and it made me think of how many people died in real life during that time.

  40. I felt sad because normally you look for some "out of this world" fucked up thing on this show and instead they showed us something fucked up that is real.

  41. Not gonna lie it's one of my least fav ones. But I get why some people have it as their favorite :)

  42. Dude was a also a child. I get he was the antichrist but it was sad watching the actor portray it from a child's pov.

  43. That montage reminded me of Pink Floyd's "the wall movie". Especially the grave scene.

  44. That's basically it. It's not like we hate the Bills, we just desperately need Something New to wedge into our overstimulated brains.

  45. A game played in 6ft of snow would have sufficed as well.

  46. Oddly enough, he's possibly stuck with this shtick because he is a good dude.

  47. Let's not forget the contemporary version of having the women dye their hair to nuclear colors because having too many blondes would be confusing.

  48. Or Adam Cole needing to change his name because people can't handle two Coles.

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