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  1. spwf says:

    From a purely aesthetic perspective, bleaching his hair blonde was the best thing he could’ve done

  2. Are you ready to admit now that you provided an inaccurate example in your original post?

  3. Why was this industry even founded? There’s no way this sector could’ve been started for reasons other than for fucking with people.

  4. I'd say about half of those stories are interesting and half of those are just meh. None of them are red-hot though. Apart from MJF v Danielson getting built quite nicely, and the homegrown vs outsiders storyline developing slowly but steadily, none of the other stories you mentioned have been built well at all.

  5. So it’s not that there aren’t any long-term stories, it’s that you don’t like the stories.

  6. Omg I literally thought I was going insane. Every time I touch my car door, i get shocked.

  7. No one is going to impress everyone all the time, not even their own fans.

  8. He’d probably be great in a rom com to be honest but yeah let’s be real he has a certain look and that’s that when it comes to Hollywood.

  9. Coming soon to theaters near you

  10. So they’re, like…goth cholos?

  11. I described Judgment Day to my wife last night as "goth delinquents" so, yeah, more or less goth cholos plus an Irish goth.

  12. As a Latino, I can vouch that all homies and groups of cholos always have a token white guy

  13. Maybe I misunderstood something but I actually thought this commentary team came off as very juvenile, vulgar, and unprofessional

  14. It’s a dumb name, but I think it’s inappropriate for the commentary team to say that they think it’s a dumb name

  15. All these new Tik Tok pop stars and rappers.

  16. I always understood it as “the water doesn’t have enough time to leave the cup so it just sits and waits”

  17. Maybe I misunderstood something but I actually thought this commentary team came off as very juvenile, vulgar, and unprofessional

  18. I currently have a WF account.

  19. I’d love to see a cut of the movie, without the shrinkification on Evans, so it seems like Rogers just has massive body dysmorphia due to everyone in his life gaslighting him into thinking he’s absolutely tiny

  20. I think “nice” cars are so fucking dumb. What is the point of spending money on something so gaudy that’s going to take you to the store just as easily as a regular sedan?

  21. The "what next" question will come no matter what. So why not start off with your most over face and your most over story? Who will give you a better platform to answer that question?

  22. I guess I miscommunicated.

  23. But your question of what happens next for the titles will happen no matter what, so why not start off by putting the titles on your most over babyface as the culmination of your best story? That puts you in the best place to provide a satisfying follow-up

  24. Alright that’s fair, I’ll give you that one

  25. So a British person holding 20 pounds has more currency than an American holding 20 dollars?

  26. Can't help you if you just blind to see that systemic oppression and institutionalized racism are actually things. I was born and raised in countries where minorities are marginalized by the governments to a point where they are pitted against each other. Whether it may be a African migrant in Aswan or a mosque being torn up to build a temple in its place in Ayodhya, I've seen it all. I've seen farmers protest for their rights and be called anti-nationals, I seen Indian Muslim fight for their right of citizenship and be labeled as terrorists. I've witnessed the entire media of my country fall under the current government where literally everything is owned by them and not a word can be said against them anymore.

  27. You just wrote a miniature essay for nothing.

  28. Literally what I said earlier - "Don't get me wrong, I have nothing against the guy and I think he'll do justice to the role of Kang: The Conqueror! Nor am I taking anything away from Majors's talent and performance in Last black man in San Francisco and Lovecraft."

  29. You can’t just say “oh they’re only doing it because he’s the next big black guy” and then say “no I’m not racist” and think that erases the weight of everything you said. You still said the first thing.

  30. Thanks for your contribution of a reaction gif from a very dated movie.

  31. 1990’s ‘Mr. Destiny’ starring Jim Belushi, Linda Hamilton, Jon Lovitz, Michael Caine, Rene Russo, and Courtney Cox

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