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  1. Hot take: Trump political career would be over already if he was free to tweet however much he likes. Twitter has done great dissservice to democracy by banning him.

  2. The point is that if 12 years old mistakes themselves to be gay it doesn't matter.

  3. You’re pretending to understand an experience that you know nothing about.

  4. It's wild how Russia even during 2000's never stoped being North Korea's closest ally.

  5. I doxxed everyone in this subreddit, compiled all the first names, and made a word cloud of which names are the most common:

  6. Depends on what you mean by well suited. It's easy to read words in Polish but harder to write them because there are letters/digraphs that sound similar or in some case exactly the same but are kept for historic reasons (e.g. ż and rz).

  7. Polish ortography is very cursed for reasons that have nothing to do with latin alhpabet.

  8. If I waked up in my body 10 years ago I wouldn't bother with fixing any of my bad decisions I made in the past but instead focus on getting as much money as I feasibly can and put it all in bitcoin.

  9. hungary is much more dictatorshiply than turkey but it feels like “turkey is a dictatorship” is a much more common sentiment i am just gonna assume this is because of islamophobia

  10. State governments giving homeless people bus rides to states they don't like is bad. They should let free market decide where homeless get bused.

  11. My pernament reddit suspension has been successfully appealed so you are stuck with me again losers 😎

  12. I think they still would have to choose from either the title of King or Queen.

  13. King Charles, it sounds archaic, like history textbook names

  14. How does that Florida law not violate the first amendment? Plenty of Supreme Court precedent saying that students don't give up their rights just because they are at school but apparently teachers do?

  15. 1st amendment doesn't stop government from censuring itself (and what comes with it it's employees on duty) that's why government can ban license plates that include word fuck. It's all considered "government speach".

  16. Thought they have the new automated offside thingy? Why did it take long?

  17. Refs were contemplating if offside justified cancelling this goal

  18. The one guy made 20 salutes in 7 seconds. must be a record.

  19. Watching a baseball game and the kids in the front row seats behind home plate haven't looked up from their phones for a single pitch yet. If I were their dad they'd be getting an earful about how much I paid for these seats and possibly their phones confiscated.

  20. what do you think “dirtbag left” means

  21. I use dirtbag as "the individuals you would point at if you wanted to make group they belong to look bad".

  22. My bf got us a banana beer as a joke to try. It was truly dreadful

  23. Brits somehow managed to be worse than Americans at measurement systems.

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