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  1. Also Shit can get suddenly messy in the middle of no where. Prep for basic fever, tummy meds, and preferably book a place with medical facilities accessible. Also a place with a few baby friendly activities like play areas/ parks will massively improve quality of free time for parents to chill

  2. The crime which almost all mumbaikars face is rickshawalas rejecting you left right and centre

  3. Opening Shell companies and rigging share value as per Hindenburg also comes to mind, since Mumbais the finance capital

  4. Maybe they don’t want someone good looking and with a good vibe! The right person will love you for who you are Bro. So rock that smile. Btw those are some really cool piercings!

  5. I think this culture of armchair warriors shaming every upload has to be stopped, if we want regular people to upload videos to ‘clarify’ what they feel deserves to be discussed and identified, because they cannot do it themselves.

  6. MJ playing spiderman, dating MJ

  7. The app can't have access to your photos, without being granted permission to see those photos.

  8. Yes. Its requesting for access from me in order to show me pics someone else has uploaded on it. Totally unrelated

  9. Oh. Didn't understand this from the way you phrased the post. Yeah, definitely shitty.

  10. Thanks, My bad, should’ve phrased it better. Was wondering why the downvotes, lol

  11. I still haven't finished it, because it's heavy and I can only take it in small bites, but it's legitimately changed the way I look at my trauma and was probably the single most important factor in me accepting and processing.

  12. Seconding this. Everytime I read it feels so much is going on within me that I have to stop

  13. TIL you can’t be a big fun guy

  14. 🇻🇮🇸🇦🇲🇶🇯🇪🀄️🃏💱🚮🌀💮🧮🎐🪆🪦🪙⏲️🗾🏗️🪃🫐🫧🪺🦚🪶🦃🐕‍🦺🦧🕸️👕😵‍💫🫥

  15. Please consult a derm and get recommendation from them. Its easier and time efficient compared to finding routine by yourself. You can search through

  16. Seconding this comment. I have oily acne prone skin and use Acnerex facewash recommended by my dermat. It’s excellent. Best visit the doc and get your reco

  17. Hey even my doc recommend it years ago. Does acnerex has facewash? I thought it only had soap. Where can I buy it?

  18. It’s a face wash. Available in online pharmacies

  19. 27. Pragma: Centralizes your entire org’s knowledge for easy reference any time Link:

  20. This. Modern skyscrapers with the best minds in the world, living in third world infrastructure conditions

  21. This really touched my heart, thank you. I don’t think I’ve ever truly been heard before, with your comments and all the others. I am a sponge, trying to navigate this difficult reality. Thank you for your love and guidance to all. 🙏

  22. Please do consider crossposting to

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