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  1. Submission Statement: ABC News 15 Arizona captures intriguing footage of an unexplained flying orb from a helicopter hovering in the San Bernardino, California, sparking widespread speculation.

  2. Brilliant. Reminds me of the shape of the USS Nimitz UFO, the UFO caught by the small aircraft pilot in Brazil. Screenshot Looks to be Flying belly up like how Bob Lazar describes

  3. Try Indian restaurants, or order from vegan places on grab. Try Hem, Amitaba etc in HCMC

  4. Hi OP, Beautiful plant, but good to check for mealybugs and other nasties. Quarantine away from other plants for a month.

  5. The OP or mine? Because mine is a year old and lives outside🤣

  6. Haha mistook you for OP. And Hi to Jason and sons

  7. The scene on the beach where he runs off the flock of seagulls into the nazi plane lol always makes me laugh, he’s just so smugly satisfied with himself.

  8. To discourage social media influencers

  9. I’m my car it sprays oil out the back to discourage pursuers.

  10. To discourage social media influencers

  11. plant them only in 100% peat moss or spagnum moss mixed with perlite, normal soil and fertilizer will kill them. also only watered with distilled water or rainwater, tap water will kill them quickly

  12. Great tip. Also you can add your intl credit / debit card to grab for auto pay and not worry about paying cash. Advantage for grab is there is little to no explaining your address to the cab drivers, who often don’t speak english. And google translate is effective but cumbersome. Source: Live here

  13. So is grab essentially like Uber/Lyft in the sense that you just keep your card on file with the app and that’s it? Confirm your pickup location and no other hassle? Can you choose to get a bike or car?

  14. Correct, Grab is the Uber/Lyft of South East Asia. And yes for ease of use and bike or car.

  15. Brilliant example of a french fade meets trimmed beard. Great overall look mate

  16. Is this big boi creepy, or oddly adorable? I reluctantly choose the latter…

  17. Holy Fk. Imagine if / when disclosure actually happens and this guy is vindicated

  18. From Rockstar to regular MBA grad, that’s quite the spectrum 😄 Try a french fade with a trimmed beard and contacts. Thatd suit you a lot

  19. Beautiful, thanks for sharing

  20. Brown bronze is one of the most beautiful colours out there, congrats on your collection

  21. Aisha is a decent host but watching her run around the desk insert herself into scenes is painful.

  22. While I really like Aisha, shes just not a fit for the show and can never be drew. The natural camaraderie between ryan, collin and drew is what made the show memorable. Very very few people can possibly fit in there seamlessly and she’s just another host

  23. No ghost can survive a light bukkake to the face.

  24. This looks like root rot to me, I'd assume this plant has been over watered. It may be possible to rehydrate and prop some pieces.

  25. Thanks. I still couldn’t answer why the leaves were becoming dry and falling off. Is it also root rot

  26. Its like: if you cut off circulation at the top of the arm, the fingertips fall off. It's not getting water because root rot literally rots the plant from the inside out, cutting off its ability to absorb nutrients. Once you see the rot where it sits, it's not bringing in nutrients after that point because it's basically plant gangrene.

  27. Oh. I wish I had caught it sooner. Will have to unpot it and check now I guess

  28. Loudest animal in the world, 230 decibel, much more than a plane, and enough to liquefy the brain of a human.

  29. Most places fuck my hair up so I spend $120 at a really nice salon every 3 months

  30. Best answer. Your hair is a big part of your daily look to the world and worth investing in. Just like a good shirt or an accessory that the world will see daily

  31. If he brakes suddenly, you have a garden on your windshield or helmet

  32. with. pretty solid beard, gives definition to your face

  33. Agreed, keep the beard, get a fade haircut. With waxed hair in front, dry look, to give volume. Use a hair dryer with cold setting to get the volume

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