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  1. Yeah, I’m just kind of bummed because I really love this song, but I’ll look into that.

  2. I was recently in Melbourne and catching a train/tram to the airport was $23/person but catching an Uber was $33.

  3. Catching a train/tram to Melbourne Airport is some feat, considering they don’t exist.


  5. Taking over the music. Taking over the bbq. Taking over the beer keg. Etc…

  6. I didn't see where the price was listed...

  7. Get fucked, pussy! There was NOTHING irate in my comments. If you’re too fucking stupid to comprehend a basic video, don’t bother commenting. Now get back to work, fuckwit!

  8. We need a international TikTok ban so bad...

  9. This type of insufferable, rage-bait material has been around a lot longer than TikTok.

  10. Tomorrow I will post asking what everyone’s THREE favourite songs are, so please prepare….

  11. Car is one year old. I’m talking about the drivers going way way faster than everyone else. I stick to the middle lane now, if the driver infront is doing 98 I don’t get frustrated.

  12. My car is 6 months old. The speedo is 5 km/h out (shows 100, actually doing 95 - confirmed by GPS). The Australian Design Rules actually allow for a fluctuation of 10%, so your car could show 100 when you are in fact travelling at 90 km/h.

  13. In this instance, due to angles, unfortunately there's no safe way to do it without coming to a complete stop and sticking your head out of the window :(

  14. For fuck’s sake! You’re a fucking American who spends his life contributing to

  15. And as a Hawthorn supporter, may I say… fuck you! That was brutal. This is going to be a loooooong year.

  16. Most of the posts I see on this sub are ragebait, fetish content, and normal food with an interesting visual presentation. I joined this sub to see actual stupid food.

  17. A lot of (possibly justified) hate for Big Me, but surely it is not a “beloved” song. It’s just a bit of fun and I think most people treat it that way. I have a bit of a soft spot for it, because the video was filmed in Australia.

  18. Yeah, once you've seen the outside of the building you know for sure there were gothic inspirations. Not many skyscrapers have flying buttresses. It looks awesome in person.

  19. This some next level “Good Samaritan” shit. What other “abandoned” property have you taken home?

  20. surprisingly I found an abandonded Jaguar in the carpark of Coles Preston last night, the silly bugger must have locked himself out and thrown away the keys so I had to hotwire it to get it to move but now I'm the happy owner of a new Jaguar! I can't believe this happens every time I leave my house, I'm running out of space to park all these damn abandonded cars!

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