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  1. Not that rare. Seen this a lot at my old trust where 16 yo with MH issues would be on paeds ward because of their choice, and paeds would refuse to see them as they’re under a medical consultant - which was almost always a geriatrician.

  2. I’m a beginner, just asking a question for my learning:

  3. It’s because you’re hungry as fuck working your balls off for too little pay that anything you scran tastes like nectar

  4. Same, I often dream of sacking medicine in and just spending all day in the workshop.

  5. JD ballot is set for the 9th of January. We know what happened to unite and RCN in trusts where there was little-no engagement: they don’t have the turnout to legally go on strike there. Time to prepare will be more than worth it when we have a strong turnout for ballot.

  6. Clinical staff shouldn’t be cleaning and hoovering a staff room?! Isn’t that what the cleaners are literally paid to do?

  7. Torch, air compressor, Jack, cross wrench, jump leads, bungie cords, gloves. Shovel and de ice in winter.

  8. I can only imagine that unlike your house with a thermostatic radiator valve per rad, there isn’t any way to adjust the temperature on a zone by zone basis (well there is probably a valve but it’ll be hidden behind the metal radiator covers and will probably need a radiator key to adjust it rather than a knob).

  9. None, my french press/cafetiere(spelling) is 10 times better and cheaper than any Costa/Starbucks or god forbid hospital canteen.

  10. Yeah French press costs £10 to buy once, and £3 bag of nice coffee which should last couple weeks+ if making for just one person. The press pays for itself after coffee number 4

  11. Wearing headphones on duty is some Gen Z tier behaviour. I think any other generation would find it a little odd.

  12. A lot of places have radios / music at work. If you’re doing an admin / audit day why does it matter if you’ve got some music in the office / headphones? Clearly it’s situation dependent and on a WR not appropriate

  13. I think it’s because it screams fuck off and don’t talk to me when we need to be approachable for ward staff. Having a radio on in the background seems more acceptable.

  14. That’s why I said admin or audit day when you’re non clinical. You shouldn’t be approached unless it’s a crash call and nobody else is about

  15. This is why it’s really important to support our IMG colleagues and inform them of BMA legals advice on striking.

  16. They really haven’t a clue have they? There’s simply not enough staff. And if patients can self refer to specialists it may clog up secondary care also

  17. This situation should never arise in the first place. This is why we need FPR, and all doctors need to be spreading the word

  18. However you should be at least entitled to statutory sick pay AFAIK.

  19. My iPad mini can fit in my trouser pockets, but ymmv. It tends to live mostly in my bag.

  20. What about the popular front?

  21. Saving 8k on a 6 year old car vs new doesn’t seem worth it, even with the faster engine and Quattro. Can you not get the Quattro as an add-on to your deal through work?

  22. You can only get the Quattro in diesel, and diesel is taxed heavily in the uk unfortunately

  23. Did you check how long is the wait on your new Audi? Is it in stock? You could end up waiting a year until it gets delivered.

  24. 16 weeks I’ve been told. I’m happy to wait either way just don’t want to make a bad decision on a car I intend to keep for the next 10 or so years

  25. Try carwow for deals on new/secondhand cars. You can haggle with the dealers on there and if you mention NHS they might give a discount.

  26. My question to you is: do you REALLY need a new car? Are you financially ready to absorb lost wages to strike action for a year?

  27. It’s a fair comment, but OP never actually said they were getting a new car, they were asking for NHS deals on finance for an upgrade to their shitbox.

  28. You can’t be on a sick day when you’re not on a working day, so why would it count towards the time off sick total? Sounds like B.S.

  29. It’s generally acceptable if it’s a relevant single line PMHX that ties into the PC:

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